Tenant and Landlord Issues: How to find the best Advocate?

Tenant and Landlord Issues

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Many a times there may be disputes during tenancy between tenant and landlord. The disputes can be for varied reasons. It can be like tenant rights or property repairs duty or eviction. But, taking up litigation with court should be your last choice to resolve your disputes. Consult a Civil lawyer practicing in Small causes court to solve Tenant and Landlord issues.

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Lawyers for Disputes during the tenancy

Landlord & tenant can adopt a few tips to overcome disputes during the tenancy. They can avoid litigation with the following tips

  • Study the rent/lease contract. Have knowledge about your respective legal rights and responsibilities
  • In case you have problems, notify the other party as early as possible. Be open and honest in your dealings.
  • Maintain a folder with all correspondence hard copies about property problems or tenancy

Attorneys for Rent Courts

Tenant and landlord issues are being handled by Rent Courts. Rent Courts come under the control of the High Court of respective states. It is very important to be aware of the landlord and tenant lords of your state being a tenant or property owner. It is wise to receive written notice about the problem from the tenant before making repairs. Contact top Attorneys for Rent Courts in Chennai.

Can landlord and tenant disputes resolve out of court?

Simple & easy conversations between parties of a contract can resolve most owner-lessee disputes. Alas! Not all landlord-tenant disputes can get resolved through communication.

There can be no communication between the owner-tenant. In such a scenario you can take a few steps before hiring a lawyer. For ex.- you can hire a third-party mediator to help form an agreement among the owner-tenant. Mediator services are available at cheap rates.

Mediation services

Sometimes they are available at no cost at all. The mediator is not a binding authority. He is there to ease the alliance of an owner and the tenant. The bar association also offers mediation services when you can’t find your own mediator.

When to approach your lawyer?

You have had enough of trying both communication and mediation process to resolution. Still you are not able to reach an amiable solution. Then seek legal help from our top rated attorneys.

Advocate Saravanan Rajendran Law Chamber is the best law firm in Chennai, Tamil Nadu to handle Landlord-tenant Litigation. Expert advocates offer professional legal help to resolve your issues in a more amicable way. Our professional guidance will help you move towards a resolution. Consider speaking to our tenant-landlord attorney today.

How to add to your chances of success?

The judge will decide who wins in court based on the availability of facts. Some proper basic homework at your end can improve your chances of success in your case. Proper documentation and preparation are always advisable. It strengthens your case.

The earlier the better

If you are planning to sue your landlord or tenant, it is best to do it as soon as possible. Some reasons can be to show the problem matters a lot. You voice the importance of the issue by filing the case. If you wait two years to sue the lessee for unpaid rent, the judge may wonder about the case’s credibility. The landlord is evading responsibility for repairs. The tenant’s delay in filing the case can make the judge wonder about the seriousness of your issue.

As time passes, it is harder to remember facts. The problem will be afresh in your memory to recollect shortly after its occurrence. As days pass it can be foggy and unclear to recall the facts. You may feel less passionate about resolving the issue as time goes by. There is a time limit to seek justice through court for landlord-tenant problems. It is better to approach a court earlier than later.

Knowledge of tenant-landlord law is a must

Part of being a responsible tenant/landlord is having knowledge laws of your state. If you abide by the law right from the start, then your chances of winning are high in the court. If you do not follow the law then your chances of winning in court are low. It can cost you more money than your claims before the court. Knowing the law will help you prepare proper documentation for your case. It makes you look more credible in court.

Understand the court rules

Your case can never see the light of court steps if you do not follow the correct procedures of the court. Sometimes you will have to send a demand letter or notice first to the tenant/landlord.

The tenant or landlord as the case may be will have a specific time to give a response to the notice. In case if he fails to respond then you can file a lawsuit.

You can file a case with the right forms and supporting evidence and document paperwork. In fact, You need to pay court fees. You need to decide about self-representation or hiring an attorney for your case.

Prepare for the Court

You need to prepare for your case as strongly as possible before you appear in court. Gathering evidence is the first step to success. Make a separate folder of your correspondence with your tenant/landlord. Be prepared with documents like

  • Rental contract or lease agreement
  • Security deposit documentation
  • Any notices or demands sent to the landlord or tenant
  • Any complaints against the party
  • Repairs are done inside the tenant’s apartment
  • Alteration done by the lessee without permission of the owner
  • Bills paid because of lessee or landlord
  • Bills the lessee is liable for payment
  • Photographs of damages or repairs

The more evidence you gather to support your case, the better. It shows you have followed the correct rules and procedures.

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Show-up: Contact Advocate Saravanan Rajendran Law Chamber for Tenant and Landlord disputes

It is necessary you show-up for the court summons at the particular date, time and court. If you do not turn up at the court on the scheduled date, your case will get dismissed. You will lose your counter-suing. Ensure to check the court date. Courts sometimes reschedule a case; ensure to confirm the case is still on schedule.

Contact Advocate Saravanan Rajendran Law Chamber which is one of the best Law firms in Chennai to solve Tenant and Landlord disputes at Small Causes Court and High Court.

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