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Is there any need for Advocates for Environmental Law and Litigation in India? Contact Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law Chambers. Firstly, This Law Firm offers Legal Services on case to case basis and a Retainer Basis. Find the Best Lawyers for Environmental Protection Laws in India


Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law Chambers offer the best advice to the clients on regulatory matters about environment laws in India. Besides, Attorneys in this law office represent the client in environmental litigation issues all over India. In fact, the Senior Civil advocates in this firm represent before National Green Tribunal and the Supreme Court of India. We also back up our clients with Environmental litigation at High Court and appellate authority.

Find the Best Advocates for Environmental Protection Laws in India
Best Rated Environmental Protection Law and Litigation in Chennai India
Important laws or legislation to protect our environment
  • National Green Tribunal Act
  • Air [Prevention & Control of Pollution] Act
  • Water [Prevention & Control of Pollution] Act
  • Environment Protection Act
  • Hazardous Waste Management Regulations

National Green Tribunal Act

The aim of this act is to set up an authority, National Green Tribunal. NGT aims at speedy & effective clearing of issues of forest conservation & environment protection. In fact, NGT strives to protect natural resources. Moreover, NGT aims to enable a person’s legal right to his environment. Of course, A person who suffered damages to himself/their property, it awards compensation and relief.

Air [Prevention & Control of Pollution] Act

In short, Air Act, aims to prevent, control, and decrease air pollution. This Air Act has boards at the state and central levels. These boards’ main aim is to regulate, prevent and bring down air pollution.

Water [Prevention & Control of Pollution] Act

In short Water Act, enacted to prevent and control water pollution. This Act’s main aim is to restore and preserve water resources in our country. Meanwhile, Water Act has Boards at the state and central levels. Moreover, These Boards have the power to prohibit pollutant substances discharged into water bodies. By the way, They have the authority to impose penalties for compliance of the rules of the law. central water board –CPCB lays down standards & guidelines for water pollution prevention & control. The state board SPCB is under the control of CPCB and the respective State Govt.

Environment Protection Act

By the name of the Act, the main goal behind the enactment of this Act is to protect and improve our environment. The environment Protection Act lays down the foundation for long-term environmental safety measures. It helps in the analysis, planning & implementation of these safety measures. They aim at a speedy resolution of issues that harm our environment. It is an umbrella Act, that covers the Air and Water acts too. The environment is not restricted to land. It covers water, air, and other correlated things like humans, plants, or property.

Hazardous Waste Management Regulations

This Act’s main objective is to control and regulate hazardous wastes. Hazardous wastes are substances which in any form harm people’s health & environment. It can have physical, chemical, or any other reactive harmful characteristics.

National Green Tribunal Lawyers

One must seek legal help only from is a social conscious law firm who feel nature is the birth right of every human being. More and more individuals and organizations are realizing the importance of Mother Earth. People are aware of effect of their activities on nature. Environmental lawyers are in more demand than ever before.

Our law firm are front runners for advisory and litigation services. In fact, These Civil lawyers’ offices offer regulatory support on transaction agreements & Certified Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (CERPA). We also get RBI and govt. approval for our clients. Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran law associates firm represents clients before National Green Tribunal in the first place.

Other laws about our environment
Wild life Protection Act

Wildlife Protection Act has the main aim to protect wildlife animals of India. Its aim is to control poaching, smuggling, and the illegal trade of animals and their products in reality. The recent amendment stipulates stringent punishment and penalties for committing an offense. The main objective is to protect endangered species of the ecology.

Forest conservation Act

The forest conservation Act was enacted to protect and conserve the forest reserves of our country on the contrary. This act gives out regulations and restrictions on using forest land. Restriction on using forest land is permissible without central govt. approval on the other hand. It lays down ground rules for converting forest land to non-forest purposes in contrast.

Public Liability Insurance Act

When people handle hazardous materials, they may suffer damages. The victim of the accident from hazardous substances needs compensation for his sufferings by the same token. The public liability insurance act deals with awarding damages to such victims. This act applies to producers and handlers of dangerous chemicals.

Biological Diversity Act

This act emphasizes the states’ rights to use their own biological resources. It aims to conserve biological resources and their related knowledge. The biological Diversity Act facilitates easy access to biological resources in the same way. Most of all, the National Biodiversity Authority in Chennai strives to follow the objects of this Act.

Coastal Regulation Zone Notification

Coastal regulation zone notification aims to protect fishing and other local communities as a matter of fact. They safeguard and conserve coastal areas in like manner. Coastal area development is permissible based on scientific principles in addition. No doubt, Natural dangers, and sea-level rise is considerable under this Act in the same fashion. Above all, Global warming is a serious issue that comes under this Environmental Law regulation.

Corporate Law firm for Environmental litigation services in Chennai

Leading Corporate law firms offer regular advice about compliance regulations under – Water Prevention &. Control of Pollution Act. Air [Prevention and Control of Pollution Act]; Environment Protection Act; and related rules. Furthermore, Real estate companies find these corporate lawyer’s advice valuable to their business.

Real estate companies seek legal advice about groundwater usage and waste management in the first place. Senior legal consultants in this law firm keep the clients abreast with environmental issues in real estate, energy &. infrastructure sectors correspondingly. On the flow, Senior advocates advise them on emission reduction in Environmental Law and Litigation similarly. Find the Best Advocates for Environmental Protection Laws in India

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