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Contract Law

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Every day we enter into contracts. It may be a contract for buying and selling of goods or services or employment contracts. Individual or businesses can enter into contract.

Contracts are not limited to businesses & corporations. For instance you may have contract with telephone company. You may have contract with insurance company or your landlord or your employer.

What Is A Contract And Contract Law?

An agreement between two or more people, enforceable at law is a contract. The law governing the contract is contract law. Contract law deals with the duties and rights mentioned in the agreements.

Every contract an entrepreneur enters has a great impact on his business. Well-planned and thoughtful contracts can have a dramatic enhancement of your business position. If you need help from our contract lawyers or contract advocates, please get in touch with us.

Top Contract attorneys in India

Our contract lawyers help you in preparation, advice and litigation of commercial contracts. These contracts may comprise of consumer contracts, service contracts or business sales & acquisition. It also includes partnership contract or standard form contracts.

Professional and experts need to draft a contract. It is a basic Need for a business to have a lawyer draw up a contract, to maintain competitive advantage. Our lawyers can draft contract for you. It can be with your suppliers, customers etc.on terms profitable to your business. Business houses are free to enter into contract. There is no restriction on entering in to contract for business. If want to discuss a legal matter, we would be happy to help you.

Our contract lawyers can help you with documentation of contract. We help you work well, grow and succeed in your goals. We prepare the draft of the contract. In simple terms we explain compliance issues, breaches, remedies and claims. We ensure you understand all legal options and where you stand at all times.

Legal Services our Senior attorneys can offer you

Our lawyers can assist you in day-to-day documents & business contracts. We also assist you in commercial agreements and major deals. We can also assist in variety of issues including:

  • Business set up / incorporation
  • Documentation within a company
  • Terms of use, protection of data & privacy policy
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment
  • Business outsourcing processes
  • Projects and deals
  • Contract disputes, breaches and remedies
  • Procurement
  • Specialist areas including intellectual property and technology
  • Lease & License Agreements

Contract lawyers help new businesses & start ups with legal requirements to get established. Our advocates can prepare articles of association and director payment contracts. We can prepare share holders agreements also. Every document we prepare is unique based on the clients’ requirements.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Our lawyers guide you through the process of buying and of business. We even assist merger of business. We offer valued advice and prepare all documentation required for the process.

  • Day-to-Day Documents

Every business needs good and effective legal documentation for smooth functioning by all means. Our contract lawyers can help you with these documents. We can prepare regular documents of business like Employment contracts & terms and conditions.

  • Outsourcing Businesses

You can save huge resources when you outsource your business requirements. It can be like hiring someone to deal with your business infrastructure. We assist you in facilitation of these deals and tender process.

  • Deals and Projects

Our lawyers are experts in preparing franchising agreements and special project deals.

  • Finance

Contract Lawyers can prepare finance docs to help clients, everything related to finance. It may be technology companies financing, company investment or bank guarantee.

  • Intellectual Property Management

Intellectual Property is the biggest asset of any business. We draft data licensing agreements, business names, logo, brand name related agreements etc.

  • Other Specialist Documents

Our advocates can offer valued advice on different legal sectors and industries in reality. It can be like employment, technology and commercial property in contrast.

Disputes and Remedies

Signing a contract is only the first step by the same token. At this point, Our advocates provide ongoing help in contract implementation. Meanwhile Our civil lawyers identify and manage contract disputes. Civil lawyers here advice you about claims and legal enforcement proceedings in like manner.

Disputes arise in a contract due to various reasons. They include in the light of fact as follows :

Ø Breach of contract

Ø Void contracts

Ø Contracts sheltered by consumer legislation

Ø Termination

Ø Unfair contracts

Ø Uncertain contracts

Our expert services includes the following

ü Limited liability partnership

ü Licensing agreement

ü Franchise agreement

ü Joint venture agreement

ü Service contract

ü Construction contract

ü Building contract

ü Consultancy contract

ü Assignment deed

ü Terms & conditions of business

ü Shareholder’s agreement

ü Partnership Agreement

ü Employment contract

ü Business sale contract

Top Civil Lawyers for Contract in Chennai

In the first place, Attorneys at our office offer general legal advice relating to contract law and discuss about potential. Of course, Advocates here in high court are affordable, accessible and available to all our clients. Our Legal team of professionals offers practical advice which is clear and straight forward as a matter of fact. Meanwhile, Civil to criminal Lawyers at our firm make our client understand the legal terms of the contract. We offer our services at a price that is affordable and transparent. In fact, Our Attorneys have Experience, we are Accessible and we are thorough in contract law. In the same fashion, our Senior advocates in our Law firm work hard to win your case.

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