Factories Act and Tamil Nadu Factory Rules

Advocates for Factories Act and Tamil Nadu Factory Rules

Find the Best Advocates for Tamil Nadu Factory Issues : Factories Act and Tamil Nadu Factory Rules

Advocates for Factories Act and Tamil Nadu Factory Rules

There are strict regulations in India about commencing and operation of a factory. Factories are nothing but manufacturing units of a business. In fact, Factories Act stipulates regulations about starting, operating,. expanding and safety measures of manufacturing units in India. Most of all, Factories Act controls the pollution level from these factories.

As per Factories Act any enterprise of more than 10 workers comes under the radar of Factories Act.

Find the Best Advocates for Tamil Nadu Factory Issues : Factories Act and Tamil Nadu Factory Rules

Before you open & run your factory in India, you need to apply for factory license. You need to receive approval from concerned authorities.

Certain types of factories do not need any license or approval. It depends on the applicability of the Act. Our Lawyers are well versed in factory laws and Franchise Law. They will guide you through the correct legal path.

Our Advocates will help you with your legal compliance.

Tamil Nadu Factory rules

  • Enterprise has to get approval for factory site, building plans and layout from CIF. CIF also needs to approve the factory machinery
  • Enterprise has got factory license through channeled process
  • It is mandatory to offer proper and hygienic working conditions and welfare measures. Factory has to allow leave with wages and follow working hours as the factory regulation
  • Entrepreneur has to keep up registers under the act. He has to give periodical returns.
  • Appoint welfare officers for employees above 500.
  • Appoint safety officer for above 1000 workers.
  • Dispensary of medical supplies is necessary for above 500 workers
  • Canteen facilities need to be there for more than 250 workers. It is a must if order gets passed by government.
  • Rest rooms and shelters are necessary in case of number of workers are above 150
  • Creche facilities are must for women workers above 30
  • First aid facility is also mandatory for any factory
  • Worker’s absence due to accidents at factory needs reporting to CIF and others
  • Lifting tackles needs testing and examination every year. A record of the same is necessary.
  • There should be a display of factory act & rules. Display payment of wages act, maternity benefit act and period of work.
  • Annual return needs submission before dead line
  • Maintenance of all statutory registers is also mandatory

Brief checklist of compliance under Factories Act

The following compliance is necessary to follow by applicable organizations

Factory License

The basic step of starting a factory is to get a factory license. Entrepreneur has to get permission letter for factory site. The permission letter can be from chief inspector or state government. Entrepreneur has to give a notice to the chief inspector before 15 days of using a factory premises.

Health provision
  • Cleanliness – Factory must be clean. No dirt should be there on windows, passages etc. Use Disinfectants to clean the premises.
  • Proper provisions for waste and effluent disposal is necessary
  • Adequate ventilation & fresh air circulation is necessary, when factory temp. is not under reasonable limit of comfort
  • Prevent dust and fumes accumulation and take proper measures.
  • Use Public water supply for artificial humidification.
  • There should not be overcrowding in Factory rooms that may lead workers injury.
  • Worker area and passage should have good lighting
  • Supply of Drinking water supply at suitable points. Display as ‘Drinking Water’ in local language too
  • Restrooms should be accessible all the time to all the workers of the factory. Separate Male and female restrooms is necessary with proper ventilation and lighting
  • Spittoons at convenient places are necessary. Clean the same at regular intervals.
Safety provisions
  • Fencing of manufacturing equipment is necessary unless it is safe otherwise
  • Experienced adult male worker should examine machinery in motion with tight clothes
  • Workers who have special skills and training for dangerous machines should handle them
  • Main striking gears and power cutting off devices
  • Self operating machines should not be in a factory are where any person can access.
  • New machinery should be under casing to prevent danger.
  • employment of Women and children for cotton opening and pressing work is unallowable.
  • House and lifts should be under regular examination and maintenance.
  • The entire lifting machine should be sound and free from defects. Competent officer needs to check the same at least once a year.
  • Precautions are necessary with revolving machinery, pressure plant, passages & floors, sumps &. opening in floors, excess weight, protection of eyes, dangerous gases, fire precaution &. building maintenance.
  • Safety officer is necessary in case workers are more than 1000
Welfare provisions
  • Facilities of washing, storing and drying of clothes is necessary
  • Sitting facilities, first aid facilities and canteen facilities are also required.
  • Rest room, shelter, creches & Lunch Rooms are crucial
  • Welfare officer is necessary for more than 500 workers

Adult working hour provision

Weekly hours and holidays, compensatory holiday / Rest interval / night shifts. / overtime wages / daily working hours & so on comes under this provision

Children employment provisions

This act prohibits any child under 14 to work in a factory. Fitness certificate, child working hours, daily notice of children work hours &. register of child workers is necessary under this provision

Annual leave with wages provision

Every worker gets entitled to leave wages who worked 240 days and above. It also deals with provision of wage during leave period and advance wage payments.

Maintenance of books provision

You need to keep up register for inspection / annual return and so on. Report the same to the health officer.

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