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Are you in a Charge of Drug Crime in Chennai. Find the Best NDPS Advocates in India.


Are you facing a charge of drug crime offence? It is a serious situation. The consequences of drug crime can be severe. The convict may get slapped with heavy penalties up to Jail Term.

The consequences can be life changing too leading to unemployment and depression. Our Law firm know people look down upon you when you are being charged with a drug offence.

Top Criminal advocates for drug offence case

You could feel isolated and overwhelmed. Do not give up! You have hope! Good Criminal lawyers are ready to represent you at every step of the case. Of course, senior Criminal advocates can handle any type of drug offence case.

Our teams of lawyers have great commitment to help clients who face criminal charges. Advocates in this law firm have been achieving many positive case outcomes.


Sincere advocates take time to understand your case. Just call a Full time Advocate in Chennai at our Law Firm. Our teams of lawyers are patient listeners to your needs. Here Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates build customized defense based on your unique situation.

Lawyers for trafficking of drugs Cases

Our lawyers have been successful in handling many cases of drug offences. The offences can be trafficking of drugs. , possession of drugs or drug possession with intent. Criminal advocates in Chennai for drug cases can only handle these cases with ease and efficiency.

Drug crime leading to penalties & Jail Term when convicted

  • Possession of drugs
  • Possession of drugs with an intention of sale
  • Trafficking of drugs
  • Distribution of drugs

Our drug crime lawyers are very familiar with defense approach. The legal team will conduct deep study and examine all reports.

In fact, senior legal consultants examine all clues and facts before filing a case.

In the meantime, attorneys scrutinize police reports to ensure legitimacy of search and confiscation.

Of course, litigation lawyers for drug crime cases at our law firm are good at cross examination of arresting police officers. Finally, criminal lawyers here are always strive to get fair justice for all our clients.

Drug Law Enforcement Agencies in India

The following are the drug law enforcement agencies:

  1. Narcotics Control Division
  1. Central Bureau of Narcotics
  1. Narcotic Control Bureau
  1. Other Agencies- Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, CBI, Customs commission and BSF

Drug related legislative polices of India

The following three acts cover the drug related legislation in India:

  1. The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act,
  1. Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act
  1. Drugs and Cosmetics Act
Classes of Substances

Our Judiciary worries about combating drug trafficking. Article 47 of Indian Constitution supports restriction of drugs. Our constitution directs states to decrease & abolish drugs. Use of drugs for scientific experiments is an exception. Our current legislation categorizations of drugs are as under:

  1. Psychotropic substances like – LSD / Amphetamines / MDMA Methamphetamines and so on
  1. Narcotic drugs like – poppy straw / cocoa leaf. / cannabis / opium and so on
  1. Controlled substances– They are things used for manufacturing narcotic or psychotropic substances.
Narcotic Drugs And Psychotropic Substances Act – NDPS Act
NDPS Act restricts
  • Psychotropic substances’ and narcotic drugs’ production
  • cultivation of Psychotropic substances’ and narcotic drugs’
  • Sale of Psychotropic substances’ and narcotic drugs’
  • Possession of Psychotropic substances’ and narcotic drugs’
  • Trading Psychotropic substances’ and narcotic drugs’
  • Buying Psychotropic substances’ and narcotic drugs’
  • Using Psychotropic substances’ and narcotic drugs’
  • Consumption of Psychotropic substances’ and narcotic drugs’
  • Import/export of psychotropic substances and narcotic drugs
  • Except scientific or medicinal use of the substances as per law.
Punishment for Drug Crime

NDPS act considers drug crime as grave offence. Moreover, India has very strict punishment for drug offense.

Drug offenses are non-bailable and cognizable. The punishment differs on the offense.

The punishment relies on quantity of the drug. There is notification of quantity for commercial & small amount for each drug.

Acts like criminal conspiracy, abatement and attempt to drug crime carry same punishment.

Repeated offences attract 1.5 time actual punishment. There has been capital punishment in extreme sensitive cases.

The punishment under this NDPS Act is rigid and inflexible.

  • OFFENSE: Cultivation of coca plants

PUNISHMENT-Rigorous Jail Term-up to 10 YRS.

  • OFFENSE: Opium Misuse by licensed farmer

PUNISHMENT Rigorous Jail Term -10 to 20 Yrs. + fine Rs. 1 to 2 lakhs –quantity not a criteria

  • OFFENSE: Manufacture, production, sale. , possession, transport, buying, import/export inter- state. It can also be use of psychotropic & narcotic drugs.

for small drug quantity – punishment is up to 6 months rigorous Jail Term /+ Rs. 10,000 fine

Greater than small Qty. and less than business Qty. – Rigorous jail term up to 10 Yrs. and a Max. fine of Rs. 1 Lakh. Business Qty. – Rigorous jail term for 10 to 20 Yrs. and a fine

  • OFFENSE: Manufacture, buying, import/export inter- state. , production, sale, possession, transport or use of psychotropic substances and narcotic drugs.

PUNISHMENT 1 to 2 Lakhs

  • OFFENSE: Import / export or transshipment of psychotropic substances narcotic drugs.

PUNISHMENT 1 to 2 Lakhs

  • OFFENSE: External dealings in NDPS

PUNISHMENT – Rigorous Jail Term 10 to 20 Yrs. + fine of Rs. 1 – 2 lakhs quantity is not a criteria

  • OFFENSE: Intentional allowing one’s premises to use for committing an offense

PUNISHMENT – Same as for the offense

  • OFFENSE: Violations about controlled substances (precursors)

PUNISHMENT – Rigorous Jail Term up to 10 Yrs. + fine Rs. 1 to 2 lakhs

  • OFFENSE: Financing drug trade and protecting offenders

PUNISHMENT – Rigorous Jail Term 10 to 20 Yrs. + fine Rs. 1 – 2 lakhs

  • OFFENSE: criminal conspiracy, attempt and abatement

PUNISHMENT: Same as offense

  • OFFENSE: Preparation to commit an offense

PUNISHMENT: Half the offense punishment

Protecting your rights in drug related offences

Prosecutors rely on the evidence collected during your arrest. Most of all, Criminal lawyers for drug cases will recognize the importance of your basic human rights. Sometimes the evidence may get gathered in a illegal way. In fact, our Criminal law firm will work to suppress such evidence and dismiss such charges.

Depending on your case, you may be eligible for alternative conviction. Such alternative will have less impact on your future and helps to keep a clean record. Our attorneys work with you with a strategic approach of handling such offense by all means.

Call the best drug crime case lawyers 

If you are facing charges for drug crime, do not hesitate. Contact our Law office to get the get the best legal guidance to combat such criminal charges. Criminal advocates will be glad to help in your legal battle.

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