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Find the Best Advocates for Pollution Control disputes in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Advocate Saravanan Rajendran Law Chamber is a renowned legal firm based in Chennai, India, that specializes in resolving disputes related to pollution control. With a team of experienced and skilled lawyers, the firm has carved a niche for itself in the legal industry by offering comprehensive legal solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations facing environmental and pollution-related issues. Their expertise and proficiency in handling such cases have earned them a solid reputation and a loyal clientele. The firm’s unwavering commitment to providing efficient and effective legal services has made it a go-to choice for clients in Chennai and across India. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Advocate Saravanan Rajendran Law Chamber and how it helps clients in resolving their pollution control disputes.


Environment advocates are the attorneys who protect people from environmental hazards. They help to protect the natural world from pollution. Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law Chamber is one of the leading law firm popular for litigation support with regards to Pollution Control disputes.

Attorneys for fake pollution control board cases

Every person has a legal right to complain about pollution issues in your neighborhood. Common complaints authorities receive is about air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution. The reasons can be demolition activity, cooking smells from restaurants, and so on. These relate to a statutory nuisance. Similarly, Attorneys in this law firm supports to fight against fake pollution control board cases against Companies too.


How to make a complaint about pollution problems?

Domestic complaint

You have pollution issues from a neighbor. Take up the matter directly with the neighbor. If you do not find a suitable solution then approach the respective local authority.

Complaints about commercial establishments or small-scale industries.

The pollution can be from commercial establishments or small-scale industries. You can complain about pollution to your local authority.

Abatement order 

the local authority has the power to issue abatement notices to the polluter. Failure/refusal to follow the abatement notice leads to legal proceedings and a penalty.

Sometimes you may not be able to file a complaint with local authorities. Then you can complain to a Magistrate. The court has the power to issue an abatement order too. It can prohibit the recurrence of the said nuisance.

Complaints on Large-scale IndustriesĀ 

Large-scale industries may cause pollution. It can be by leaving gusts of smoke in the air or releasing industrial wastes down rivers. You can take up the issue with the respective pollution control board.

Depending on the nature of the grievance various types of judicial remedies are available. All pollution disputes & environmental cases of civil nature go to National Green Tribunal.

Criminal courts handle the complaints of criminal pollution Control disputes. High courts & Supreme Court handles Environment disputes leading to violation of fundamental rights. They take up cases to protect the fundamental rights of people.

National Green Tribunal-NGT

As stated earlier any issues about pollution Control are being handled by NGT. NGT dispenses the cases as early as possible.

The limit for dispensing the case with NGT is about six months on average. The time limit gets exceeded for many reasons. It can be like special investigations, a complete hearing of all parties, and so on.

NGT punishments or penalties

NGT has equal powers to the court. It can summon any person, examine witnesses, and review decisions. It adopts natural justice principles too. NGT levies punishments or penalties or both on the polluter.

Find the Best Advocates for NGT Cases

The party may be happy with the NGT order Then he can appeal with the Supreme Court within 90 days of the tribunal order. The time limit is relax-able for valid reasons. Find the Best Advocates for NGT Cases in Chennai.

Criminal Courts

We know NGT handles only civil cases. But certain violation of nature causing pollution is a criminal offense. These cases are being taken up by criminal courts of appropriate govt. authority.

For Ex.- Under Air & Water Act many actions are criminal. It can be like the operation of industrial units with the consent of SPCB. This is a criminal offense. Hence the respective Magistrate court has the power to take up the case and resolve the issue.

Find the Best Advocates for NGT Cases

Let me explain with one more example. A industrial unit is letting out sewage beyond the standards derived by SPCB. It is a criminal offence. 7 People should have intention of filing a complaint. Before filing complaint complainants should give 60 days notice to SPCB. You need to make your intention of filing a case.

Courts can imprison the responsible person or direct them to pay a fine or both.

High Court and Supreme Court of India

Writ petitions

Sometimes there may be a violation of Article 21 of our constitution. One can file writ petitions with the High Court and Supreme Court of India. In case not satisfied with the respective High Court order, you can appeal with the Supreme Court.

Find the Best Advocates for Writ Petition filing

The high court and Supreme Court of India have wide powers under Articles 32 and 226. They can direct govt. agencies to follow legal duties, direct suspension and can cancel permits. They can award compensation for the loss suffered by environmental degradation. Find the Best Advocates for Writ Petition filing in High Courts and Supreme Court.

Public Interest Litigation -PIL
High courts and the Supreme court handles cases which are Public Interest Litigation.

There may be typical inaction / illegal action by govt. agencies by violating fundamental or statutory rights of a section of society. PIL does not refer to a dispute between two parties. PIL is not about the issues of a few individuals. Traditional cases have one person whose right got violated. Public spirited person/association on behalf of aggrieved communities file PIL.

Find the Best Advocate for Public Interest Litigation PIL

The petitioner may not have a direct benefit. PIL is a ray of hope for poor people who fear seeking justice for their rights. No rigid rules are applicable in the handling of PIL cases. PIL involves a large number of parties. PIL order by the court is binding not only to parties of the litigation. But third parties also come by the order. Find the Best Advocate for Public Interest Litigation PIL in Chennai.

Alternative and efficacious remedy

Supreme Court says that if there is an alternative and efficacious remedy. Then it has to be the first point of seeking justice. For Ex- a case gets registered with the Supreme Court for pollution Control from the emission of an industry. The court may direct the petitioner to National Green Tribunal.

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Top Pollution Control disputes advocates in Chennai

TopĀ Pollution Control disputes advocates in Chennai

Our Pollution Control disputes advocates are ever ready to assist you to handle your pollution disputes. These Civil lawyers in Chennai take up your complaints with NGT, High Court and Supreme Court. Do not put up with the problem. Be the one to raise your legal voice.  Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law Chamber advocates are there to support your initiative.

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