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Every day you will come across Civil Rights Violation by government institutions and individuals. To preserve our democracy Civil rights violation should get punished. For the integrity of our constitution civil rights violation should get prosecuted. The wrongdoer is accountable for violation of civil rights.

Advocates at Rajendra Law Office have dedication to preserve & uphold civil rights. Senior attorneys offer a helping hand in litigation of rights of protesters. Legal advisors here also assist to maintain rights of artists for their expressions. Lawyers at law in our firm address issues of equal rights, employment discrimination and other civil rights. Most of all, advocates in our law office strive to get justice for the people who suffered discrimination.

What are Civil Rights?

Civil Rights are the basic rights of every Indian Citizen. Meanwhile, They are also called as fundamental rights. Every citizen has to be aware of them. Civil rights ensure living in a country possible. Every Indian citizen has a moral obligation to act in a rightful way. Moreover, They have obligation to spread this knowledge to others.

Do you know your Civil Rights?

The following are the 13 Civil Rights which every Indian citizen should be aware of.

13 Indian Civil Rights that you should know

Civil rights get established in any country to maintain a society. In fact, Civil rights are necessary for the harmony of its citizens. Hence, Human rights are necessary for personal development. Civil rights help its citizens in their intellect. Let us go through the 13 civil rights:

Right to Life

You need to have a life to do anything. Every Indian citizen has Right to life. Through this right our government ensures safety and well-being of its citizens. This right encompasses right to self defense and suicide prevention.

Right to Family Life

Every Indian citizen gets entitled to family life through this right. Family life is important for the growth of human race. A person has a choice to choose his spouse and grow his family with children.

Right to Education

Knowledge is virtue. To get knowledge you need to have right education. Education is the right of every Indian citizen. Every citizen should get educated for his own development. He has to get educated for the development of society at large. When educated he can take part in working of government and society.

Right to Personal Freedom

Personal freedom ensures physical and mental growth of a person. Every citizen can enjoy the personal freedom. It should be compatible with personal state laws and society interests.

Right to Religious Freedom

In India people are free to practice any religion of their choice. There is no restriction on practice of any religion. Every citizen has a right to practice any religion of his choice. He is free to start any religious institution

Right to Freedom of Thought and Expression

Expression and thoughts of a person contributes towards personality of the person. People in India are free to express their ideas, thoughts, views etc with others.

Right to Freedom of Movement

The people of India are free to move throughout the entire country. The people of India can travel abroad to foreign countries also. But there may be restriction going to some areas due to political differences.

Right to Freedom of Press

An Indian Citizen has right to express his views and opinion in media like newspapers. The main idea for implementation of this right is to spread information among public. It helps in education of people.

Right to Equality

India is a country of diversified religion. Our government ensures every citizen gets equal chance to develop themselves. Right to equality ensures equal opportunity.

Right to Justice

All other rights are meaningless without right to Justice. Right to Justice saves poor and weaker people. It protects them from discrimination and injustices done to them. Every citizen has a right to go to court to seek justice.

Freedom to Form Associations

Every Indian citizen gets allowed to form associations. The association may be political, cultural, economic or social. Any lawful association can get formed in India. But our government does not allow unlawful association harmful to our society.

Right to Cultural Freedom

Our country is famous for its diversified culture. India is a land of diversified people from various religions. Every citizen has a right to practice his own culture. He is free to practice his traditions, customs, languages, literature, folkways etc.

Right to Contract

Every Indian citizen is free to enter into contracts with others. Right to contract is important for civilized life in a society. Right to contract ensures social, economic and political relations.

What is Civil rights violation?

If there is violation of any of the above 13 civil rights, then there is civil rights violation. You can seek justice for civil rights violation. It may be race discrimination, sex discrimination or housing rights violation.

For Example:

There is no civil rights violation when a Landlord objects to rent out his property to an applicant who has dog. But there is human violation when a landlord objects to rent his property to Muslim.

Hire the best Civil Attorney to assist with your Civil Rights Claim

Civil rights violations are very complex to establish. It is very difficult to resolve such issues without proper help from attorneys. In case you underwent civil right violation, start speaking to our attorneys today. Our Advocates have the experience and specialization to handle such civil right violation. Senior advocates for civil cases in our law firmĀ  handle right from negotiations up to filing law suits with court. Our advocates advice you about applicable laws to the situation. Legal advisers who are experts in handling civil cases will advice you about where you can file the claim. Finally, our lawyers ensure best possible outcome for your case.

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