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Are you a new start-up planning to register your business instantly? You have few options on business structure. The following are the few popular forms of business structure.

Sole Proprietorship

It is an one man show. A single person is the owner of the business. however, The person works under his own business with his own name. Owner enjoys all profits and bears all losses.


Under type of business structure, two or more people join hands to do business. They share responsibilities and draw out agreed profits. All partners have unlimited liability. Suitable for family business

Limited Liability Partnership-LLP

It is like partnership firm. But the partners have unlimited liability. Usually chosen for professionals and small business

Company- Public/Private

The most popular form of business structure in India is a company. Share holders have unlimited liability. It is most suitable for raising funds. Medium to large-scale businesses prefer companies.

Our advocates at Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law office advice choosing right form of business organization. Senior Advocates will give you detailed explanation on merits and demerits of business structures. Our team will enlighten you about the regulatory compliance you to need to adhere to.

Sole Proprietorship is the simplest form of business. There are no registration formalities like LLP or company for Sole Proprietor business. You can have direct start of your business. however, In the same way for partnership business you can join with two or more persons and begin. Drawing up a partnership deed and registering your firm is advisable. It is not mandatory to register partnership business. But when you register you have legal advantage to sue in case of disputes.

Setting up as a sole trader or partnership is straightforward. You can start trading without the need of registering your business. Legal consultants in this corporate law firm offer advice on starting your business and your liabilities. however, You can seek tax advice from CAs for paying income tax and GST.

You will have fair idea about a company through our following discussion. Company registration advocates in this law firm will discuss about company formation. MoreoverAlso about the advantages & disadvantages of a company.

Why Choose Advocate Saravvanan Rajendra Law associates to register your company?

Our advocates help promoters to meet all statutory requirements of company registration process. Our company formation service includes

  • However, Corporate Lawyers and professional handle your registration process from start to end. Company formation lawyers here handle all legal aspects of company registration
  • Secondly, Dedicated advocate professionals assure personalized service. In fact, they make sure you meet all statutory requirements regards company registration
  • You can contact Corporate Lawyers time any time with your queries and team will be happy to answer them. Of course, You can get appraised about the registration process too.
  • However, This Law office Lawyers team will advice you and structure and business decisions
  • Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates is one stop solution law firm for all your legal requirements.
What is our role is company incorporation process?

As said earlier, This Corporate law office advocates are one stop solution for company registration needs. However,Our company registration advisers will

  • Discuss about your business needs and offer advice about the type of business structure suitable
  • Collect basic company registration documents and apply for DIN & DSC
  • Aid you in choosing your company name
  • Prepare all company registration supporting documents and submit the same for your scrutiny and approval.
  • Upload your approved incorporation documents online in MCA .  Follow up until you get your certificate of incorporation.
  • Hand over company incorporation kit that has MOA and AOA. It will also contain, statutory registers and company seal.
  • Prepare documents for opening your company bank accounts
  • Help with statutory registers as per requirements of Companies Act.  Corporate law firm attorneys in Chennai provide both hard copy and electronic copy too.
  • Help you in preparation minutes of the first board meeting

At present in India, company registration is a complete online process. However, It is online right from applying company name up to getting registration certificate. We complete the entire company incorporation process within 7 working days. It is subject to availability of documents and on time process of forms.

Company Secretarial services

Corporate Attorneys do not believe our relationship ends when you get a registration certificate. However, The professional service of lawyer is irreplaceable. You need a lawyer right from starting a company up to winding up of a company. In reality, Advocates always are on the first step of a long journey.

When you start your company you need to enter into contracts with various parties. They are sellers, distributors and so on. A company formation advocate in Chennai is the right person to draft a perfect contract. however, Perfect contracts avoid litigation in future.

Later on you wish to make changes in your company. It may be bringing in new director or add capital. It may be changing address. You need to follow regulatory norms like board meetings, minutes and related documents. However, Corporate lawyers in this Law office will help you navigate with the same.

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Top Law firm for Company Registration services in India

Private Limited Company is popular form of organization structure. The Ministry of Company affair handles all the matters related to companies. Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates is leading law firm experienced in handling company registration. however, For hassle free and quick registration of your company, get in touch with us. Let our Lawyers know your requirements. Expert attorneys will guide you across registering your business

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