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Ask Advocates Law Chamber offers all in all quality Patent Registration and Litigation services. This Law Firm offers the Best Legal Services to all Corporate clients. In any business, Intellectual property rights play a vital role in protecting the profit of the creator. Nobody can duplicate the work if it is properly registered and protected. […]

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ADVOCATES FOR CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW Industrial development has left Indian markets flooded with goods and services. The Indian market satisfies the appetite of enormous consumers. Consumers are prone to exploitation. It is necessary to protect consumers from adulterated and substandard goods or services. Enforcement of Consumer protection Act in 1986 was a great relief to consumers. Who is a consumer ? Consumer is the person who buys a product or service for his own use. He does not resell the same. The product or service is for self use. Good or services is not meant for resale or commercial use. The definition of consumer as per Consumer Protection Act explains consumer as: A person who bought goods in return for consideration A person who uses buyer’s goods with his approval Beneficiary of services A person who hires services in return for consideration A person who uses hirer’s services with his approval Who can file a complaint? The following people can file a Consumer complaint: Consumer Consumer association registered under companies act or any other law Central or state government Consumers groups having same interest Unregistered association cannot file complaint. Also you cannot file a complaint representing unidentifiable consumers. What are the reasons for complaining? A complaint can contain any of the following accusations Any unfair or restrictive trade practice engaged by trader Good bought or agreed for buying has defects Services hired or availed has deficiency Excess price charged above law limit Hazardous goods sold without display information What is the time limit within which a consumer can file a consumer complaint? It is advisable to file a complaint as early as possible. But, you need to file a complaint within 2 years from the date of cause. The court accepts complaints even beyond 2 years provided valid reasons for delay. What are the remedies you can seek for your complaint? The following are the remedies a consumer can seek for his complaint under the Act. Removal of defect from goods in the complaint Replacement of goods with new or similar ones at free of cost Refund the price or goods or services to the complainant Compensate consumer for any loss or injury Correct deficiencies in service Stop unfair or restrictive trade practices in future Stop selling and withdraw hazardous goods Provide costs of complainant Consumer Protection Councils Consumers can seek and enforce their consumer rights through consumer councils. In India consumer councils are both at state and central level. District consumer protection council comes under state government. This council promotes and protects consumer interests. These councils conduct investigations. They offer publicity relating to consumer issues. They create consumer awareness and offer consumer education. They protect consumers from exploitation. They offer advice to government on various policies. Rights of consumers The main aim of consumer council is to protect and promote consumer rights. The following are the consumer rights Right to get protected against hazardous goods Right to information of goods or service like quality, quantity and so on. It protects consumers from unfair trade practice Rights to get assured for variety of goods and services at competitive prices Right of hearing at appropriate forums. Assurance that consumer interest’s will have due consideration Rights to seek redressal against unfair trade practice Right to consumer education Consumer Protection Forums A consumer can file complaint for his grievances under the respective redressal forums District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forums Every district of a state in India has District Forums. They accept complaints based on value and compensation for goods and services. This amount should not exceed Rs.20 lakhs. The jurisdiction of District Forums depends on the opposite party location. It also depends on where business works or action arises. State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission Every state in India has State Consumer commission. They accept complaints of value and compensation above INR 20 lakhs but less than INR 1 crore. National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission It is the top most consumer forum in India. National Consumer Commission can accept complaints amount exceeding INR 1 crore. Appeal When you are not happy with the order of district forum you can appeal your case with state commission. Against state commission you can appeal with National Commission. Against a national commission order you can appeal with Supreme Court. You can file appeal with next level within 30 days of receipt of order by the applicant. Penalties for non-compliance When a person fails to follow order of forums then he gets punished with imprisonment. Imprisonment can be for a period of 1 month to 3 years. Else he may get fined with INR 2000 to 10,000. Else you can get punished with both fine and imprisonment. Find the best advocate for consumer protection law Our advocates at Rajendra Law office will guide you through registering your complaint. Do not ignore your grievances. Be bold enough to raise your complaint. We will guide you through the entire process of the forum. We ensure that you get fair compensation and justice.

Consumer protection Law

ADVOCATES FOR CONSUMER PROTECTION LAW Industrial growth has left Indian markets flooded with goods and services. The Indian market satisfies the appetite of huge consumers base. Customers are prone to exploitation. It is necessary to protect consumers from adulterated and substandard goods or services. Enforcement of Consumer protection Act in 1986 was a great relief

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Construction accident case Lawyers in chennai

Construction Accident Cases

Find the Best Advocates for Construction Accident Cases in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. ADVOCATES FOR CONSTRUCTION ACCIDENT CASES Construction Industry in India is the second largest industry employing more people. The workers employed in construction industry are disorderly labor. Out of every 1000 workers 165 of them get injured in the work site. Construction workers

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Our Construction lawyers have enormous experience is handling construction disputes. Civil attorneys usually recommend the resolution in the following order. Prevention, negotiation, conciliation and adjudication method of dispute resolution. The dispute resolution clause should be in line with project requirements. It should also meet parties’ expectation. Senior Advocates will advice on cost effective and comprehensive dispute resolution.

Construction Law Disputes: How to Find the Right Lawyer?

Construction projects can be complex and involve numerous parties, such as developers, contractors, architects, and engineers, leading to the possibility of disputes arising. In fact, These disputes can result in significant delays, added costs, and even litigation. In such situations, it is essential indeed to have a knowledgeable and experienced construction law attorney to protect

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Company registration services advocates in Chennai from Top corporate Law firms in TamilNadu. Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates is a leading law firm

Company Registration

Advocates for Company Registration Are you a new start-up planning to register your business instantly? You have few options on business structure. The following are the few popular forms of business structure. Sole Proprietorship It is an one man show. A single person is the owner of the business. however, The person works under his

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