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Find the Best Advocates for Construction Accident Cases in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.


Construction Industry in India is the second largest industry employing more people. The workers employed in construction industry are disorderly labor.

Out of every 1000 workers 165 of them get injured in the work site. Construction workers face risk of accidents and health ailments at construction sites. One must contact the best civil lawyer for Litigation in accident damages.

Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates are specialist in Construction accident cases in Chennai.

Compensation for Construction accidents

There are many Indian regulations about working conditions and safety of construction workers. You can sue for compensation when you are ill and injured in construction accidents. The compensation may be a significant amount if your illness or injury is a very serious one.


Laws and regulations

The construction companies are taking more precautions. Various laws and regulations are being laid down by government. But still construction accidents are on the rise. The workers are not aware of the safety precautions and construction laws. Workers need to take more caution about their safety and health. Workers need to be aware of construction laws in case of accidents. “It is better to be safe than sorry.”

Do I need to hire Construction Accident advocate?

Did you meet with an accident at a building site? Have you spent several thousands of your hard earned money on your medical treatment? You may be facing financial crisis to meet these unexpected medical expenses. You would be at loss of pay from your work.

Stop questioning about the need to hire a lawyer. Pick up your phone and call us right now. It is wise to consult attorney soon after the construction accident. It can be within a couple of weeks from the date of accident. Your attorney will advice you on next legal steps to claim compensation.

How can can an attorney help you in construction accident cases ?

An attorney at your side is always helpful. Especially Accident claim advocates will explain to you the process of filing a civil suit. Legal consultants will explain in detail about the various laws that correlate to your situation or case. Senior Civil lawyers will represent your case in court on your behalf.

Accident claim advocates will help you to claim largest amount of compensation. In fact, only attorneys strive to recover your losses like loss of wages and medical treatment. Of course expert civil advocates only can also help you to make claims for future medical treatment and family cover in case of victim’s death. Our Law firm will assure you least paper work. Civil law firms can help you overcome the hassles associated with insurance and legal claims.

Hiring an attorney makes the difference in your case. It is up to you to decide whether you want your case to get resolved in justifiable manner. And you want to get huge sum of money as compensation. Else you may lose your money spent on medical treatment for negligent accident.

When is the right time to hire a Construction Accident Advocate?

It is wise to hire your construction accident advocate soon after the accident. You need to file a claim through civil law suit within one year from the date of the accident. You will be spending money on your medical treatment and also losing wages. You may be in deep financial crisis. So the sooner you contact an attorney, the better. You will get your claim funds earlier.

You may get contacted from your employer or insurance company for settlement. They may present you a claim offer saying it is a fair amount. Do not sign or agree for the same without consulting your attorney. The offer amount may be less and not be in your best interests, when you have more injuries or losses.

Do your Home work and Be ready with your Questions for advocates

Most of the attorneys do not charge any consultation fees for the first consultation. Before you meet up with your attorney, do your basic homework. Make a detailed note of information & facts. It can be about the accident, injuries and financial losses. Bring your employment contract and other related documents for the attorney meeting.

Try to gather pictures of your accident spot. Bring your medical records and record of days you missed your work. These facts and information will help your lawyer to assess your case situation. He will be able to advice you according to the situation.

Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran law associates attorneys are good at handling construction handling cases. In fact, they know how to deal with compensation claims, insurance and health care. Moreover advocates in that law firm  are good at handling and settling a construction accident case.

Questions to ask advocates
  • How long your attorney is practicing law ?
  • How many construction accident cases the advocates handled ?
  • How often were advocates are successful in getting claim amount for our clients?
  • Whether senior represent you in court for litigation?
  • What amount of settlement can you expect for your injuries and losses?
  • What is our fee structure ?. Are there any hidden charges and extra expenses to be borne by client?
  • Any references of our clients?

Also ensure whether you are fit to talk with your attorney. Your ease with proximity of your lawyer’s office is also a must. Inquire whether you can chat through satellite mediums like Skype or web chat. You may still be recovering from your accident and commuting may be a problem.

Contact the best Civil advocates for Construction Accident cases in Chennai

Do not feel low because of the unexpected Construction accident. Gear up and consult us today. Above all, Civil advocates at our law firm will guide you through legal process of getting your compensation. Senior Attorneys will determine the best option to move forward. Contact +91-9994287060 to reach our Law firm for Top Advocates for Construction Accident.

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