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Advocates for Private Complaint in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Lawyers for Private Complaint in Chennai

Do you want to file a case against a  person for defamation?. Lawyers will insist you to file a private complaint. Of Course, This comes under the Criminal Procedure Code.

Advocates for Private Complaint in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India

Here do you know the meaning for Private Complaint?

Is it too costly to file a Private complaint ?. Certainly not. In this case, There is no need to worry for Preparing a petition. Mostly senior lawyers will not prefer to visit a police station. But our attorneys will help you in many legal issues to handle. First in drafting a Criminal complaint as well as take assist you in police station too.

Kinds of Offenses in Cr.P.C

Firstly Offenses are classified as Two kinds. One is Cognizable. And another one is non-Cognizable. Indeed It is very simple to understand. In a Cognizable offense, a police officer will have right to arrest. That too he can do that without warrant. In the case of Non-Cognizable, the police officer must get an arrest warrant from the court of Law. By all means Our Legal consultants will assist you legally.

Although What is Cognizable offense ?.

Basically, Under Section 154 of Cr.P.C, a Police can file a First information report. In fact, This is based on the complaint. Moreover, there is no need for Police to get a permission or order from the court. To be sure, Those offenses are Cognizable. The investigation officer can arrest the accused without doubt. Here warrant is not at all essential.

To explain what is the Meaning of Non-Cognizable offense

Normally the police do not have power to register the FIR  in non cognizable offences. In the same Fashion, Police will not investigate without court order. One must get a court direction for it. Moreover cops cannot arrest without arrest warrant in the case of Non Cognizable. However, they have to approach the court of law to file a complaint. Generally if the Victim file a complaint through court, it is nothing but “private complaint”.

Who is the No.1 Attorney for giving a private complaint in Tamil Nadu ?.

Surely don’t feel panic to find who is a good advocate for giving a private complaint. To clarify, Ask Attorney Mr.Saravvanan Rajendran for a legal advice, they are best for PRIVATE COMPLAINT.

Contact best Advocates for private complaint in Chennai

Just make an appointment from Top Criminal Advocate and get the legal advice.

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