Debt and Credit Card Loan Recovery Harassment

leading advocates in Chennai for Consumer debt and Credit Card Loan Recovery Harassment


Consumers who default on loans or face Recovery disputes are being harassed. There is violation of their rights without their knowledge. Our law firm’s goal is to empower our clients against abusive debt collectors. These Collection agents deem themselves above the law. You have your rights even when you are in debt.

Our Law firm in Chennai handles the Recovery harassment disputes. Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran law associates help you to recover huge compensation in the form of damages.

Top advocates in Chennai for Credit card loan recovery harassment issues

You may feel hopeless and powerless against Collection agents. Come to us. We will help you in removing your debt obligations within a few months. You can as well recover monetary damages for the harassment you underwent. Does it sound too good to be true? Yes in reality it is. We have handled many such cases.

Top Advocates in Chennai for Credit card loan recovery harassment issues

You may miss a few loan EMIs. Your financial condition may be poor to make a loan repayment. Under such circumstances, the bank appoints loan recovery agents to recover loan amount. These recovery agents may work on a commission basis. There is huge motivation to recover loans to the agents. A percentage of loan amount recovered is their commission.

Recovery agents use different methods like continuous calls or odd time visits. They may also use, abusive language or threaten you in front of family or relatives.

What’s The Solution or Way Out Of This Harassment?

Complaint to the police station

You can file a police complaint against the bank and the recovery agency. No action gets taken by police. Police deny registering an FIR. Then file a complaint with the magistrate. Once FIR gets lodged your problem eases. In case if there is the use of vulgar language against women, then you can file a case of women harassment. Remember to have evidence of such harassment.

File Injunction suit

You can file injunction civil suit in civil court against the banker and his recovery agent. Injunction order gets passed. Then the banker or his recovery agent cannot visit your place for Consumer debt and proceed Credit Card Loan Recovery Harassment.

Complaint to RBI regarding Consumer debt and Credit Card Loan Recovery Harassment

Complaint to RBI regarding Consumer debt and Credit Card Loan Recovery Harassment

Another solution to stop harassment is filing a formal complaint with RBI. RBI released certain latest guidelines to restrain this matter. Deputy Governor of the RBI is the appellate authority to handle such disputes.

Defamation suit against recovery by spoiling the reputation

Recovery agents may tarnish your reputation and credit score based on the wrong information. In such a case you can file a defamation suit against the bank and the recovery agent.

Trespassing complaint / Housebreaking

Loan recovery agents may get unlawful entry into your house. Under such circumstances, you can press housebreaking or trespassing complaints.

Extortion Complaint

Loan recovery agents of the bank can have forceful recovery of the amount using threat. Under such circumstances, you can file extortion complaints.

Complain to your bank

This is the first and basic step you have to step. You can raise a complaint about the bank’s website. You can submit a formal written complaint to the bank’s customer care department. Some banks address complaints through customer care calls. Once your banks accept your complaint they need to respond within 30 days.

Complain to bank ombudsman

When a bank fails to respond to your complaint within 30 days then file a complaint with bank ombudsman. The bank ombudsman will not accept a complaint if you have not approached the bank first. It will not accept a complaint if your complaint at the bank is still pending. Also if you have approached the matter at court or some other forum.

Rights of Debtor in Credit Card Loan Recovery

As a debtor, you have certain rights. The knowledge of these rights may help you in handling your Credit card loan recovery. Know your rights and fight back.

No Early Mornings or Late Night Calls

Bank or Credit Card recovery agent can contact you between 7 AM to 7 PM. They can call later or before this time if your working shift does not allow them to call you during this time. It applies for only calls. The bank or recovery agent can text, send mail, or send letters at any time. There is a restriction to calls but not texts.

You have the right to quiet mornings and late evenings even if you are a debtor.

No Calls at Work, Once You Request It

You let your bank know that you do not want them to contact you at work. They must oblige this in a legal way. You can inform the Credit Card collection agency also in writing or verbal.

No Repeated or Continuous Calls

Repeated and continued calls are a form of harassment. Bank and Credit card recovery agents cannot make repeated calls. You also have the right to disagree with the bankers claim amount. If you disagree they cannot contact you until the debt gets verified.

No Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse is a form of harassment that is strictly off-limits. Bankers and recovery agents cannot call you names or abuse you in any way.

No debt Info to Friends or Neighbors. Also to Coworkers or Family Members

A debt collector cannot reveal debt info to your friends or neighbors. Also to your family members or co-workers. They can contact them only for your address, phone number, or office address. They can discuss your debt with you, your spouse or attorney

Not demand more money than you owe

Collection agents cannot demand more money than you owe.

No Dire Threats

Recovery agency cannot threaten you in any way. It includes violence threats, property possession threats, or threats of arrest and suing.

Debt Collector Must Send Written Notice of Debts

Your bank should send written notice of outstanding to you after notifying you. It is a part of the debt collection process.

Debt Collector Must Honor a Written Request for No Further Contact

A person can write to a debt collector not to contact him anymore, as he believes he does not owe them anything. The bank must honor such requests. Remember an original debt does not go away. You are bound to repay them

Debt Collector Must Verify All Disputed Debts

In case you do not agree with the amount you owe, the bank must verify all the disputed debts. After he sends verification, he can resume the collection.

Find leading advocates in Chennai for Consumer debt and Credit Card Loan Recovery Harassment

Let our Advocates in Chennai know the real scenario of Consumer debt and Credit Card Loan Recovery Harassment. Our Civil and Criminal advocates can help you once hear from you when you are being harassed for consumer debt or credit card loans.

Find leading advocates in Chennai for Consumer debt and Credit Card Loan Recovery Harassment

Mainly Criminal advocates in Chennai at our law firm help you get the debt removed and recover damages for the harassment on your behalf. All cases are being handled by experienced lawyers in Chennai. Contact us today. Know your rights. Fight back!

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