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“Our Criminal Defense attorneys will always champion you.”

Are you facing any Crime charges? You do not have to face legal troubles all alone in the first place. You have the right ally with you. Search the Best Criminal Defense Advocates who can help you navigate via your legal issues.

Of course, Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran law associates aim to quash all your legal issues. Lawyers in this law firm are always there to cover your back when you fear you may lose your rights, money and liberties.

ADVOCATES FOR CRIMINAL DEFENSE IN CHENNAI | Criminal Defense Lawyers in Chennai | Top Criminal Defense Attorneys

Whether you want to sue a person / entity or you are being accused of crime, these Attorneys champion you. In fact, high court practicing advocates will aid you in your legal battle. Get the best Criminal Legal Opinion today.

How a Criminal defense Lawyer work ?.

When you are facing criminal charges, don’t doubt hiring Criminal defense advocates. Having our Top Lawyer on your side makes a great change. Criminal Lawyers in this law office are good at arguments to reduce prison sentence and Lower the charges.

As a matter of fact, this is a huge Criminal Defense Lawyer team in Chennai. They have good expertise to handle cases at court and with police. Without doubt, they are fierce to save our client’s rights.

Attorneys for Criminal law disputes

By the same token, our Attorneys handle full range of Criminal law disputes. On the other hand, Criminal Defense legal counsel in our law office handle all crime charges. They are mostly assault, theft, domestic violence, Dowry case, business crime and so on.

How a Lawyer handle your Criminal case?

Our Criminal Law firm will begin with initial advice to assess your case data. Most of all, our lawyers would like to know the actual facts that led to the accusation.

Then again our Lawyers will explain to simple terms about various laws. They will explain about all the best and worst scenarios of the case.

Our main goal is to have your case dismissed by court and set you free from all accusations. In case it is not possible, this criminal law office will use every option to cut your punishment.

Senior Criminal Lawyers

When plea agreement seems to be the right solution for your case, Criminal defense attorney will take in the big picture. Senior Criminal Lawyers here will assess your sentencing and its effect on your agreement.

They will explain to you about the effects of plea agreement in detail. At the same time, they will give you the Best Legal Advice for the same. Our Law firm are always ready to take you case up for trial if need arises.

How can a Criminal Attorney help you?

Our Lawyers experience, knowledge and court representation would be a great plus for you. Depending on your accusations of Crime, they may adopt one or more of the following actions.

Our main goal is to have the accusations reduced or dropped. Our Legal associates conduct discussions with police and parties involved in crime scene. It helps us to discover facts and evidences which you missed.

Our Advocates conduct independent investigation of crime. In reality, Our Lawyers search and engage witnesses to testify. These Criminal Trial Lawyers ensure there are no illegal evidences against you.

In other words, Our Law firm engage private investigators to uncover favorable evidence. Our Attorneys determine if any of the evidence against you was illegal.

Meanwhile, Attorneys in our prestigious law office hire private investigators to uncover favorable evidences.

Our Senior Criminal Lawyers make defense arguments with hired witness. Negotiate on charges and out-turn.

Defendants’ Rights

Our Constitution & Criminal Procedure code protects defendant’s rights. Also Indian Evidence Act and case laws protects the rights of defendants.

Defendants rights includes right to counsel, right to silence & right to speedy trial. Right to fair-trial & right to challenge witness come under defendant rights.

Rights of a Defendant before the trial

A person can get arrested based on viable complaint or credible data. Reasonable suspicion is one of the basis of arrest. Police can search and issue search warrant based on the cause.

A person who gets arrested is the defendant. He will be under arrest before the trial at court. In bailable offences a magistrate informs defendant about his rights and bail amount.

Defendant has right to inform about his arrest to any person of his choice. Defendant has right to demand inspection memo.

Inspection memo is a document of defendant’s injuries during or after arrest. He has right to demand medical examination every 48 hours.

Defendant has right to meet his attorney during interrogation. But he cannot keep his Attorney at his side all through interrogation. Police should produce defendant under custody to Magistrate within 24 hours from arrest.

Defendants have right to counsel at all stages of trial. He can seek legal counsel during police questioning, arrangements or guilty pleas etc.

Confession based on defendant’s circumstances

An accused has right to fair trial and right to challenge witness.

Defendant’s confessions with police are not fair as court evidence. Magistrate will accept defendants’ confession based on defendant’s factors. The confession should be coercion free and intimidation free.

Rights of a defendant after Conviction

As per Indian constitution no person gets punished twice for the same offence. A person convicted in High court can appeal with Supreme Court.

A person convicted for 7 years and above by Session court or any other court can appeal with High Court. In the same fashion, The defendant should prove miscarriage of justice to gain reversal of order.

Contact Top Lawyers for Supreme court Cases

Our Supreme Court enforces constitutional rights through prohibition, Habeas corpus and Certiorari. Besides it uses mandamus and quo Warranto too. Contact Top Lawyers for Supreme court Cases

Top Criminal Defense Advocates in Chennai

Our Criminal Defense Advocates conduct careful case study. Top Advocates will tell you the actual facts when he develop your case theory. Our Legal aid Attorney help to decide that the client’s act is a crime or not.

Normally an Attorneys will judge about the reasonable legitimate defense. By the way, these expert Lawyers assess whether the Crime is complete due our client’s act.

Meanwhile, these Legal Consultants appraise if our client was a tool to a crime. Finally, our Senior Criminal advocates try to draw up evidence to lessen your punishment.

For Decent & Skillful Criminal Defense call our Attorneys today. We are sure that we can handle your case with ease and efficiency.

Do not panic and worry when get accused of crime. Your lawyer friend is always there to cover your back. Leave us the worry to handle your legal troubles and rest easy. Top Criminal Lawyers have got you covered.

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