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Find the Best Advocates for Company Law in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Are you seeking expert legal guidance in India? Look no further than Ask Advocates Law Chamber. Our firm offers a comprehensive range of legal services to address your diverse needs effectively. From copyright registration to navigating complex company laws, our team is dedicated to providing insightful solutions tailored to your requirements. Explore our expertise and unlock the insights you need to navigate the legal landscape with confidence.

Advocates for Company Law

There are Various Legal services provided by our Company Law firm. In fact, We are a team of  lawyers offering premium Company law services and assistance. Especially to similar size of companies by giving legal opinion and legal advises.

The retainer basis services of Company legal or litigation services are mostly useful only you require and that too in that specific time. Moreover, Corporate attorneys of our law firm are experts in filing and defending the cases in NCLT & NCLAT.

Our Team consists of experienced Company law Attorneys indeed along with a Notary Public lawyers. Of course, We offer specialized Company legal services in the following areas for the past 32 years.

Company Lawyers for Civil Cases

  • Drafting of Legal Notices, Money Recovery Suits filing, Promissory Note issues, Breach of Contract, Sale of Goods, Declaration suits, Injunctions / stay application and execution of proceedings too.
  • Rent Control Cases such as Eviction proceedings and also Tenancy Agreement.
  • Original Suits in High Courts, City Civil Court, Small Causes Courts, lastly Successful Trials.
  • Debt-Recovery Tribunal Cases and furthermore appeal cases.
  • Writs in High Courts

Best Advocates in Chennai

Company law Advocates for Criminal Cases

Cheque Bounce (Return of Cheques) cases and Moving Bail / Anticipatory Bail Applications & also other Criminal Cases. At Askadvocates Law Chamber, our team of experienced company law advocates specializes in handling criminal cases related to corporate matters. From fraud and embezzlement to regulatory violations, we offer comprehensive legal support to address a variety of criminal issues in the corporate sector. Our advocates are well-versed in company law and criminal law, enabling them to provide strategic guidance and vigorous representation to clients facing legal challenges. With a commitment to upholding the principles of justice and integrity, we work tirelessly to protect the rights and interests of our clients while navigating the complexities of criminal proceedings in the corporate realm.

Following are Drafting of Deeds and Conveyance of Property

Company law Documentation and Registration works 

  • All Deeds such as Partnership Deed or Power of Attorney/ Trust Deed /Release Deed/Partition Deed/Sale Deed.  Above all we do Settlement Deed/Lease Deed/Mortgage Deed/Deed of Indemnity/Hire Purchase Agreements/Will and probate work.
  • Agreement Deeds with Land Owners, Buyers, Engineers, Building Contractors, Architects / Tripod Agreements thereafter.
  • Finally Giving Legal opinions on perusal of documents.
  1. Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal & further settlement of third party claims as soon as possible without doubt.
  2. Registration of Trade Marks, patents and copy rights. (Even more under Intellectual Properties Act).
  3. Registration of Companies (Certificate of Incorporation) which includes Drafting of Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association in addition.
  4. Import as well as Export Code Registration.


  • Administrative laws
  • Original side & Appellate practice
  • Arbitration
  • Banking laws
  • Business law &. Commercial law
  • Civil litigations
  • Constitutional law
  • Consumer law
  • Contract laws
  • Corporate laws
  • Customs laws
  • Criminal laws
  • Copy Right, Trade Marks, Patent laws (Intellectual properties Act)
  • Joint venture Agreements
  • Landlord and Tenant Law
  • Motor vehicle Accidents Claims
  • Probate and property, Real Estate Laws
  • Writs

Most of all, Just reach us If you require our service and legal assistance in any of the above areas. the same again can be provided to your esteemed concern at a “premium legal service”.

Best Lawyers for Company Law in India

Are you in need of legal advice or assistance in India? Look no further than Ask Advocates Law Chamber. Offering a wide range of legal services, from copyright registration to company law expertise, our team is here to help you navigate the legal landscape effectively.

  1. Navigating Company Law: Learn about filing in NCLT and NCLAT for your company with our expert guidance.
  2. Understanding Legal Articles: Explore topics like the Fugitive Economic Offenders Bill 2018 and the invocation of bank guarantees.
  3. Insights into Corporate Governance: Delve into topics such as corporate social responsibility and the nuances of franchise laws in India.
  4. Exploring Property Law: Gain insights into land acquisition, construction agreements, and the intricacies of real estate transactions.
  5. Unraveling Legal Concepts: Understand the fundamental principles behind legal entities, company structures, and liability.

With Ask Advocates Law Chamber, you gain access to comprehensive legal resources and expertise to address your diverse legal needs effectively.

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What are the key steps to register a company in India?

To register a company in India, determine its type (private or public), prepare necessary documents like Memorandum and Articles of Association, file them with the Registrar of Companies, and obtain a Digital Signature Certificate and Director Identification Number for directors.

What are the compliance requirements for companies under Indian law?

Companies in India are required to comply with various legal and regulatory requirements to ensure smooth operations and avoid penalties. These include maintaining proper accounting records, conducting annual general meetings (AGMs), filing annual financial statements and returns with the Registrar of Companies, complying with taxation laws, and adhering to corporate governance guidelines.

How can Askadvocates Law Chamber assist with company law matters?

Askadvocates Law Chamber provides comprehensive legal services related to company law, including company formation, compliance management, drafting of legal documents such as Memorandum and Articles of Association, board resolutions, and shareholder agreements. Our experienced team also offers advisory services on corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory compliance

What are the consequences of non-compliance with company law regulations?

Non-compliance with company law regulations can result in severe consequences, including fines, penalties, legal liabilities for directors and officers, and even the dissolution of the company. It can also damage the company’s reputation and erode investor confidence. Therefore, it is essential for companies to stay updated on regulatory changes and ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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