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Find the Best ADVOCATES FOR MATRIMONIAL DISPUTE Cases in Chennai. Choose Top Lawyers for Divorce cases, Annulment, Child Custody, MC, Dowry cases, Domestic Violence, and all other Criminal Cases in the family. Search Lawyers for mediation in family and Matrimonial Disputes in India.

Top Matrimonial dispute lawyers in Chennai

Marriage is a legal union between a man and his wife.Marriage is the sacred foundation for stable family and civilized culture. In the first place, Marriage gives security and status to the couple and their children. By all means, Marriage institution says a legal wedded couple must live together sharing pain & pleasure. When Matrimonial union fails, one must get the remedy as soon as possible. Top Matrimonial Dispute Lawyers in Chennai will Solve all your Family litigation.

Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates is one of the best Law firm in Chennai for filing and defending mediation in family and Matrimonial dispute cases.

What is a Matrimonial Dispute?

In modern India, the social scenario has changed in a rapid manner. At this point, People in India no longer follow the elderly advice of ‘adjustment’ principles. This results in disputes between man and wife called matrimonial disputes in India. Matrimonial disputes in India can lead to both civil and criminal litigation. Our mediation in family and matrimonial disputes advocates can help you solve matters of matrimonial disputes

Best lawyers for all matrimonial dispute cases, Divorce, & Annulment of Marriage. Find Top Advocates for mediation in family and Matrimonial Disputes in India

Best Family Lawyers for Muslim Law

India follows different divorce laws for different religions. Hindus, follow Hindu Marriage Act. Muslims follow Muslim marriage law. Special Marriage Act is being considered in case of inter-religion marriage. Find the Best Family Lawyers for Muslim Law in Chennai.

Reasons for Marital disputes

Marital issues can be for any reason in the literal sense. It can be physical or verbal abuse, alcoholic or drug, dissatisfaction, or any other reason.

The most common reason for divorce in India are as

Ø Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the popular reasons for divorce. There is another man or woman in a spouse’s life, then the spouse is not involved in a committed relationship. There is a problem with the marriage.

Ø Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a common ground for divorce. It is an undesirable and violent behavior of family members. Of course, It can be physical and mental. It leads to unwanted friction in a couple’s relationship. Meet the Best Criminal Lawyers for Domestic Violence in Chennai.

Ø Control

Too much-exercising control and wanting to do things always your way can kill a marriage.

Ø Money and Finances

In a couple, if one is a money squanderer and the other a saver, the probability of conflicts is high. Differences in one’s plans and beliefs cause a rift in marriage leading to divorce.

Ø Absence of Commitment

Often men fail to have a commitment towards their marital relationship. They fail to be sincere to their spouse. The reason for straying from committed relationships varies at large. This attitude finally leads to marital discord and divorce.

Ø Lack of Communication

In today’s modern world both spouses work and have kids. They do not find time for healthy communication with each other. They are busy with their office, family, and finance issues. The couple may feel disappointment in their relationship through lack of communication. Proper communication and timely address of distress can avoid the majority of marital conflicts.

Remedies for Matrimonial disputes in India

The following are some of the legal remedies available for mediation in family and matrimonial disputes in India

Restitution of conjugal rights

Suppose either the husband or the wife withdraw from the company of each other. It may be due to unreasonable circumstances. The aggrieved party may approach the Court for restoration of matrimonial rights. Search and Choose Top Advocates for Restitution of Conjugal Rights in Chennai.

The main aim of this remedy is to restore a marriage that got estranged for some reason or the other.

The petitioner has to prove the following:-

  • Mainly, The petitioner has to prove the withdrawal of spouse from the society.
  • The petitioner has to prove the withdrawal is without reasonable or lawful ground.
  • There should not be any other legal problem for the refusal of conjugal rights.
  • The court should be content with the truth given by the petitioner in his petition.

Judicial separation

Judicial separation is legal separation without divorce as a matter of fact. Meanwhile, Judicial separation is the last step before a legal breakup or divorce.

There may be arguments, stress, tension, apprehension in married life. But this should not result in the breakup of the marriage.

After judicial separation, there is a continuance of marriage. Judicial separation affects the cohabitation of the couple.

Best Advocates for Judicial Separation

After the decree, a spouse/petitioner is under no compulsion to live with a husband or wife. A spouse can seek judicial separation on the grounds mentioned in divorce provisions u/s. 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act. Find the Best Lawyers for Judicial Separation in Chennai

Annulment of Marriage

In India marriage may get solemnized by fraud. Marriages can happen when of the spouses is already married. Annulment of marriage is a big relief to the aggrieved party. The aggrieved party can request for annulment of marriage by lodging a petition.

Top Advocates for Annulment of Marriage

Find Top Advocates for Annulment of Marriage in Chennai. They are experts in handling such cases. Once the petitioner has a marriage annulment decree, the marriage becomes null or void. As per the court, the marriage has not taken place at all. The parties to the marriage are not labeled as divorcees.


Firstly, Divorce is First and foremost separation of husband and wife. Moreover, Divorce is the termination of a marriage. Divorce is not a stigma anymore in our society now. Women are literate and financial independent. They approach the court to put an end to their misery in their marriage life.

Our legal system handles the legal and financial issues of divorce. It does not address social and emotional issues due to divorce. It is up to you to decide to go for divorce. In other words. Many people argue that divorce is sought as a way of getting revenge on your spouse. It not only affects your children and relatives. But also affects society at large with a large number of divorces.

Best Divorce Lawyers in Chennai

Firstly, You can get a Divorce by mutual consent between husband and wife. In any case, this is with paperwork by both parties. You can get a divorce by mutual consent without going to court by the same token. Contact the Best Divorce Lawyers in Chennai.

Top attorneys for Matrimonial dispute cases in Chennai

The aim of our legal system is to cut divorce situations in addition. Friendship and respect for each other go a long way in marriage in the light of fact. In other words, Change and sacrifice are two more ingredients of happy marriage.

Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran law associates is a all in all legal team of the best lawyers to handle case of all mediation in family and matrimonial disputes cases.

Contact Top Family Court Lawyers in Chennai

Our Advocates are more than successful in obtaining a favorable judgment for our clients. In fact, our family court lawyers in Chennai even handle financial settlements for our clients with our arguments and appeals.

In like manner, Our Divorce lawyers can handle all our matrimonial dispute cases with ease. Finally, Our Advocates in Chennai maintain the utmost security and secrecy of your case. Contact our legal advisers for a legal consultation today.

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