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Juvenile crime lawyers in Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law Chambers ensure to protect your child’s future and rights.

Lawyers Defending Criminal charges against your child in Chennai

Children grow up learning from experiences. Trial and error is part of growing up into an adult. But some mistakes are unfortunate. These errors may carry serious consequences. There may be criminal charges against your child from law enforcement officers. Family plays are great role in a child’s life. Criminal Advocates Practicing  Juvenile Crime Law in Chennai high court can only help you get out of all these Charges.



“Our Criminal Defense attorneys will always champion you.”

Are you facing any Crime charges? You do not have to face legal troubles all alone in the first place. You have the right ally with you. Search the Best Criminal Defense Advocates who can help you navigate via your legal issues.

Of course, Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran law associates aim to quash all your legal issues. Juvenile Lawyers in this law firm are always there to cover your back when you fear you may lose your rights, money, and liberties.

Whether you want to sue a person/entity or you are being accused of a Juvenile crime, these Attorneys champion you. In fact, high court practicing advocates will aid you in your legal battle. Get the best Criminal Legal Opinion today.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer work ?.

When you are facing Juvenile criminal charges, don’t doubt hiring Criminal defense advocates. Having our Top Lawyer on your side makes a great change. Criminal Lawyers in this law office are good at arguments to reduce prison sentence and Lower the Juvenile charges.

As a matter of fact, this is a huge Criminal Defense Lawyer team in Chennai. They have good expertise to handle cases in Juvenile court and with police. Without a doubt, they are fierce to save our client’s rights.

Attorneys for Criminal law disputes

By the same token, our Juvenile Attorneys handle the full range of Criminal law disputes. On the other hand, Criminal Defense legal counsel in our law office handles all criminal charges. They are mostly assaulted, theft, domestic violence, Dowry case, business crime, and so on.

How a Lawyer handle your Criminal case?

Our Criminal Law firm will begin with initial advice to assess your case data. Most of all, our Juvenile lawyers would like to know the actual facts that led to the accusation.

Then again our Lawyers will explain to simple terms about various laws. They will explain all the best and worst scenarios of the case.

Our main goal is to have your case dismissed by the court and set you free from all accusations. In case it is not possible, this criminal law office will use every option to cut your punishment.

Senior Criminal Lawyers

When plea agreement seems to be the right solution for your case, Criminal defense attorney will take in the big picture. Senior Criminal Lawyers here will assess your sentencing and its effect on your agreement.

They will explain to you the effects of a plea agreement in detail. At the same time, they will give you the Best Legal Advice for the same. Our Law firm is always ready to take your case up for a trial if the need arises.

How can a Criminal Attorney help you?

Our Lawyers’ experience, knowledge and court representation would be a great plus for you. Depending on your accusations of Crime, they may adopt one or more of the following actions.

Our main goal is to have the accusations reduced or dropped. Our Legal associates conduct discussions with police and parties involved in the crime scene. It helps us to discover facts and evidences which you missed.

Our Advocates conduct independent investigation of crime. In reality, Our Lawyers search and engage witnesses to testify. These Criminal Trial Lawyers ensure there are no illegal evidences against you.

In other words, Our Law firm engages private investigators to uncover favorable evidence. Our Attorneys determine if any of the evidence against you was illegal.

Meanwhile, Attorneys in our prestigious law office hire private investigators to uncover favorable evidence.

Our Senior Criminal Lawyers make defense arguments with hired witnesses. Negotiate on charges and out-turn.

Defendants’ Rights

Our Constitution & Criminal Procedure code protects the defendant’s rights. Also, the Indian Evidence Act and case laws protect the rights of defendants.

Defendants’ rights include right to counsel, right to silence & right to a speedy trial. Right to fair-trial & right to challenge witness come under defendant rights.

Rights of a Defendant before the trial

A person can get arrested based on viable complaints or credible data. Reasonable suspicion is one of the bases of the arrest. Police can search and issue a search warrant based on the cause.

A person who gets arrested is the defendant. He will be under arrest before the trial at court. In bailable offenses a magistrate informs the defendant about his rights and bail amount.

Defendant has the right to information about his arrest to any person of his choice. Defendant has the right to demand an inspection memo.

The inspection memo is a document of the defendant’s injuries during or after the arrest. He has the right to demand medical examination every 48 hours.

Defendant has the right to meet his attorney during interrogation. But he cannot keep his Attorney at his side all through interrogation. Police should produce the defendant under custody to Magistrate within 24 hours from arrest.

Defendants have the right to counsel at all stages of the trial. He can seek legal counsel during police questioning, arrangements or guilty pleas, etc.

Confession based on defendant’s circumstances

An accused has the right to a fair trial and the right to challenge witnesses.

Defendant’s confessions with police are not fair as court evidence. The magistrate will accept the defendants’ confession based on the defendant’s factors. The confession should be coercion free and intimidation free.

Rights of a defendant after Conviction

As per the Indian constitution, no person gets punished twice for the same offense. A person convicted in High court can appeal with the Supreme Court.

A person convicted for 7 years and above by Session court or any other court can appeal with High Court. In the same fashion, The defendant should prove the miscarriage of justice to gain reversal of order.

Contact Top Lawyers for Supreme court Cases

Our Supreme Court enforces constitutional rights through prohibition, Habeas corpus, and Certiorari. Besides, it uses mandamus and quo Warranto too. Contact Top Lawyers for Supreme court Cases

Our Criminal Defense Advocates conduct a careful case study. Top Advocates will tell you the actual facts when he develops your case theory. Our Legal aid Attorney help to decide that the client’s act is a crime or not.

Normally an Attorneys will judge the reasonable legitimate defense. By the way, these expert Lawyers assess whether the Crime is complete due to our client’s actions.

Meanwhile, these Legal Consultants appraise if our client was a tool for a crime. Finally, our Senior Criminal advocates try to draw up evidence to lessen your punishment.

For Decent & Skillful Criminal Defense call our Attorneys today. We are sure that we can handle your case with ease and efficiency.

Do not panic and worry when you get accused of a crime. Your lawyer friend is always there to cover your back. Leave us the worry to handle your legal troubles and rest easy. Top Criminal Lawyers have got you covered.


Best Human Rights Advocates in Chennai

In short Human Rights are the rights of every person because of being born a human. Human rights court ensure that everyone is protected against abuses affecting their dignity by the same token. Human rights court give opportunities to people to realize their full potential without discrimination in like manner.

Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates is a law firm in Chennai keen to protect the human rights violation on the other hand. Our Senior lawyer for human rights court offers good litigation services for the false case against police and other officials who are sincere in duty in reality.

What are your Human Rights in India?

Human right include

  • Freedom of expression rights
  • Freedom of religion or conscience rights
  • Right to property
  • Freedom of assembly
  • The right to a passable standard of living
  • Ample food, water, housing and sanitation rights
  • The rights you have at work
  • Privacy rights
  • The right to Vote
  • The right to Education

Human rights court against False imprisonment atrocities

Under human rights court litigation, any person indeed can challenge discrimination and defend the rights and freedoms. Moreover, That is especially for ordinary citizens of India and Companies. All public authorities such as police, hospital, government offices, and courts, etc.

must comply with human rights. Our Criminal attorneys are not afraid of pushing the boundaries of human rights court law to help you achieve justice. As a matter of fact, Advocates believe in “What has happened to you can happen with anyone of us.” Stop atrocities of false imprisonment in Chennai.

Top Human Rights Court Advocates in Chennai

Top Criminal advocates in human rights court must all strive to promote and protect our human rights. That is what we do everyday in Court of law as much as possible.

Juvenile crime Advocate in Chennai

Are you a parent of a teenager accused of a crime? Are your children charges with acts like a battery, drug, or sexual assault? It is wise to contact a Juvenile crime Advocate in Chennai at the earliest. He is the right person to answer all your queries. In fact, These criminal advocates will guide you through the legal options available and protects the child’s rights.

Lawyers for Crime charges against Youths and teens

Juvenile crimes are common in teenagers. It is a very lamentable issue that needs reprimand. Youths and teens are future adults. Their behavior shows their tomorrow’s future.

Is social life is responsible for Juvenile Crime ?.

Social circumstances have a huge impact on a child’s development. Cultural attitudes and social settings have a great influence on a child.

Important points of Juvenile Justice Act

A child alleged of crime gets apprehended by police. He will be under special juvenile police in-charge. A designated child welfare police officer can be in charge. They need to produce the child before the Juvenile Justice board.

An inquiry convinces the board about the offense.

Juvenile Justice board Duties, Powers and Responsibilities

  • Order child group counseling
  • Permit the child to go home after giving advice
  • Order the child to do community service
  • Order to pay fine by parents or child
  • Release the child on good conduct probation
  • Order the child to a special home for up to 3 years

A child above 16 years committed a serious crime. The board has the power to recommend a trial as a child. No child gets death or life imprisonment punishment.

Juvenile Justice Board members

Juvenile Justice Board consists of Principal Magistrate and 2 social workers. Among these members, one needs to be a woman. Juvenile Justice act says board need not operate and regulate from court premises. The decision of the principal magistrate is final.

Procedure against juvenile offenders

Juvenile Justice Act lays out the procedure against juvenile offenders. The trial procedure initiation is not possible with complaints by police or citizens. The board hearing is always informal and confidential. After detention, the accused is necessary to be in an observation home. Juvenile conflict is trial-able by lady magistrate. The accused child can get presented before any board member when the board is not sitting.

Rights & provisions for child welfare

Our constitution laid out following rights for the welfare of children

  • The privilege of Protection from hazardous employment below 14 age.
  • Free & compulsory elementary education rights for all children between 6 to 14 years.
  • Privilege for protection from adult abuse of any form.
  • Privilege for protection from human trafficking & bonded labor
  • Right to good nutrition & reasonable living standards.
  • States have the power to make special laws for the betterment of women & children.
Reasons for Juvenile Delinquency

Children are like clay. They could get molded into great citizens in their teenage or during Juvenile age. The behavior pattern of children changes from time to time. Their behavior may depend upon the circumstances they get brought-up. The following are some of the reasons for Juvenile delinquency.

Youth instability

In youth, children seek freedom. They want to be independent. When given chances they may get involved in anti-social behavior. Youth is more conscious of their appearances, fashion, and enjoyment. Thus it is psychological and antisocial behavior that leads to juvenile delinquency.

Disintegrated family

Parental carelessness & disintegrated family are other main causes of Juvenile delinquency. Lack of love and affection, divorced parents are some factors too.

Economic condition

Poverty and poor economic background lead to juvenile delinquency. Parents or guardians fail to fulfill child needs. This may result in anti-social behavior.


Deserted children in slums may pick up anti-social activities. It can be like smuggling, prostitution, etc. These activities attract a juvenile a lot.

Indulgence in sex

Children who underwent sexual assault may have repulsive behavior. They may want more sex experience or become vagrant. Boys may kidnap and rape girls.

Modern Lifestyle

Juvenile crime advocates- More of western culture is being practiced. They involve in dating and adolescent activities. There are more problems with cultural conflicts. They are unable to make a distinction between right and wrong.

Is your child accused of doing a Criminal Act?

In India, Criminal cases on people below 18 years come under juvenile courts. Later a bill in Lok Sabha which says people accused of crime between the age of 16 to 18 is trial-able in adult courts. Adults who face criminal charges get trialed at criminal courts. Juvenile cases are civil matters. A Juvenile who is wrong gets harsh penalties and fines. Other punishments are juvenile detention facility or sex offender registration.

Harsh Punishments

Accused of a criminal offense, your child can get trialed as an adult. They may get harsher punishment.

Find Juvenile Crime Advocates in Chennai

Juvenile crime advocates- Our Juvenile Crime Advocates defense focuses on rehabilitation and child support to your child. Criminal Lawyers in our Law office concentrate on tools and support he needs to move forward to make good decisions. Of Course, Juvenile Crime Lawyers know teens subjected to harsher punishments get lost in their youth. They land up as hardcore criminals. Our advocacy ensures this does not happen to your child.

Find Juvenile Crime Advocates in Chennai

Juvenile crime advocates-Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law Chamber offer free initial consultation over phone. Call up our office for basic consultation and fix up an appointment to discuss your child’s case. Learn about how a Juvenile Crime Lawyers can help you.

Contact Juvenile Crime Lawyers Nearby

You can also contact us through the above given online form. Juvenile Crime Lawyers can meet with you and your child during weekends and evenings too. Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates, one of the all in all Top law firms in Chennai. What do you mean by that ?. Our High Court Lawyers offer the best “Legal support” in Chennai. Team of our Advocates in Chennai practices both Civil and Criminal Cases as Well as Corporate Laws.

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