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Find the best Advocates for Intellectual property rights in Chennai. Register Your Trademark or Patent or a Copyright with the help of Top IP Lawyers in India.


Patents, designs, copyrights and trademark are intellectual properties of an organization. They are rights of an industry or business. They are the product of intellect effort, hence the rightful term intellectual property.


Intellectual property rights are applicable up to certain jurisdiction. They are valid for particular period of times. There has been attempts to monopolize market using IP laws as a weapon. Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran law Chambers offer the best legal services for IP registration as well as Litigation.

Let us go through about various intellectual properties of an organization.


Invention owner can claim exclusive statutory Intellectual property right by applying for Patent. Invention has to be new product/ process applicable to industries with inventive step. Inventors through patent can monopolize & commercialize their invention for certain period of time.

Under normal inventions Patent is valid for 14 years. In case of food and drug patent period is 5 or 7 years.

Find top Patent Advocates in Chennai

Actual inventor or assignee or respective legal representative can apply for patent. In case of patent infringement one can claim damages, Injunction & accounts of profits. Inventor can give rights/license to industrialists for a lump sum amount or royalty. Find top Patent Advocates in Chennai.


Trade Mark is a distinct indicator or sign of an entity that represents their goods and services. Trademark can be any letter symbol or shape that distinguishes them other competitors.

In the competitive business world, trademark is necessary to keep and attract customers. It has become a necessity for financial growth and development of business. It is utmost importance to protect one’s trademark from infringement.

Best Trademark Advocates in Chennai

Validity of Trade Mark is for 7 years. The renewal of the same is possible from time to time. Any individual or entity can apply for trademark. A person or entity get trademark licensee by registering for the same. Trademark license has great many advantages to the licensee. For trademark infringement one can seek injunction ,damages or accounts of profits. Contact the Best Trademark Advocates in Chennai.


Authors, artists or composers create their work. To enable them to reap benefits through their compilations copyright is necessary. The work can be literature ,drama or music. It can be art, computer program or sound recording etc.

The duration of copyright is life time of the author plus 50 years from the date of publication. Author, publisher or owner can apply for copyright registration. Author can commercialize his work. He can do so through assigning & licensing the right to others in return for lump sum amount or royalty.

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In case of infringement you can claim civil, criminal or administrative damages. Contact Top Advocates for Copyrights issues in Chennai


In India Designs Act govern the registration and enforcement of designs. Design refers to shape, configuration or pattern. It may also be ornament or lines or colors of articles of 2D or 3D images. To register a design it has to be new and original.

Design should not be against public order or morality. It has to be unique in the world. Design licensee has exclusive right to stop others from using or importing design. Designs are register-able for a period of 10 years. Further renewal is possible for another 5 years after expiry.


All info on the internet has its own Uniform Resource Locator-URL. URL helps you to trace the resource on the internet. Domain name is also unique address over internet. With development of e-commerce, businesses are being identified with their domain names. Hence it is of the utmost importance to protect one’s domain name by registering the same.

Domain names registration is valid for at least one year. No upper time limit restriction for registration.


It is a sign on goods that indicates great reputation due to its place of origin or manufacture. Geographical indications highlights particular goods contains certain qualities reputable to the concerned location. Sometimes the method of production of goods also comes under this IP rights.

Any association or group of producers representing their specialty can apply for registration. Geographical Indications comes under Geographical Indications of Goods Act. It contains the name of the place where the production of goods took place.

One can register for this registration for a period of 10 years. Further one can renew the same from time to time with renewal fees.


Farmer breeding special plants can apply under Plant Varieties & Farmers’ Right Act. The farmer can avail exclusive right for a period of 15 to 18 years based on crop type. Shortly, The farmer will have legal ownership on this developed variety of produce.

Farmer can have the plant varieties registered in his own name or group of farmers/community. In fact, Farmer benefits from commercializing their produce. Their brand and provisions of the Act are helpful in reaping more benefits.

Find Top Intellectual property rights Advocates in Chennai

Find Top Intellectual property rights advocates in Chennai for Trademark, Copyright, patent rights. Register your IP to Protect your logo, brands, Designs and Patent.

Most of all, Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law Chamber offer following search, registration & Litigation service for all the above IP rights

How can an IP Advocates help you ?
  • Draft provisional and complete respective Intellectual property right specification
  • File and prosecute respective IP right applications
  • Advice you on validity and infringement
  • Our IP Attorneys are good at appellate board proceedings
  • In litigation, our Counsels can oppose, revoke, rectify or appeal with the authority
  • Offer advice on title clearance and domain name search
  • Give post registration and renewal services too
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