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Are you in need of legal help with international litigation ?. Do you need help with international business transactions or international arbitration?

Our experienced advocates are there to help you. Our law firm has great commitment to ethics, principles, and professional values.

Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law chambers provide quality legal opinions and services to all our clients. Top advocates in Chennai will help you resolve issues with foreign laws and transactions across borders.


Top Advocates in International Business law

Businesses are expanding across borders. Business owners are finding it difficult to follow complex business laws across borders.

It has become the utmost necessity to get legal counsel & representation for business matters.

Many attorneys are not competent to offer counsel and representation for international businesses.

Advocates for international mediation and arbitration

Our International law Advocates team deals with agreements in India or abroad. The agreements can be between individuals and or entities.

Experts advocate are always good at handling international commercial and contract disputes. Corporate Attorneys in our law chamber handle cross border disputes and litigation before global courts.

In fact, Senior advocates can help you with International mediation & arbitration. Besides our legal services include shipping disputes and arbitration. Furthermore, we help in enforcement of international judgment abroad & India.

Most of all our lawyers in Chennai high court handle abroad family/property disputes and personal injury claims outside India.

Litigation Lawyers for international law

You can trust our legal team to handle your litigation or disputes. Meanwhile, Our elite attorneys come with a basket of legal Skill.

Mainly our lawyers focus on cases about international law, offer the best advice on legal matters.

Attorneys in our chamber are familiar with international law. We can give you counsel and help you need.

International Attorneys specialize in the following services but not limited to
    • Company Growth like expansion, registration, etc.
    • Federal Appellate Law
    • Investments abroad
    • Immigration of foreign nationals
    • Contracts with foreign governments
    • Overseas foreign corporation representations
    • Diplomatic immunity
    • Advice and land and maritime boundaries
    • Advice on the law of treaties and interpretation of treaties
    • Water rights
    • Free trade agreements
    • Business and human rights disputes
    • International environment law
    • Disputes at International Court of Justice
    • Intellectual property rights protection
    • International contracts
    • Buying of real estate abroad
    • Incoming and outgoing international business transactions
    • International tax law
    • International alternative dispute resolution
    • Abroad debt collection
    • International employment law
Advocates for International law near me

Our lawyers are famous for aggressive and successful advocacy. You can entrust your business and personal issues with them. You may regret it if you deal with an attorney who does not have a good experience. Discuss your commercial objectives with our law practitioner. International law advocates here offer profitable and exceptional advice about your case.

What is International law?

They are a set of rules and agreements binding between two or more countries. International law is not only limited to countries entering into agreements. But also individuals and enterprises who enter into foreign agreements. Countries come together and form rules and agreements that benefit their citizens. International law aims for justice, peace and trade promotion

What is International law? | Lawyers | Advocates | Attorneys | Legal Consultants in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

What does international law deal with?

International law deals and regulates the following matters:

      • Human rights
      • Refugee treatment
      • International crimes trial
      • Territorial borders
      • Regulation of common water and air space
      • Trading between the countries
      • War prevention
      • Prisoners’’ fair treatment
      • Environmental protection
When does international law apply?

A person/entity can get involved with another foreign person/entity. The foreign status can be from nationality, origin, or domicile. Under such circumstances, international law comes into force. The transactions can be business or personal.

To whom does this international law affect?

A person who got relocated to a foreign country. A person who got married or divorced his spouse abroad. A business that enters into transactions across the border of India. All the above come under international law.

Why you need an international law professional?

Our international lawyers can offer advice about applicable laws on your case. In some situations foreign law takes precedence. When presented with a case we will guide you in the proper legal way.

Why do you need to hire international lawyers?

Our team helps you to resolve disputes dealing with foreign laws & transactions across borders.

Choose the best international Advocates in Chennai

Our Law Chamber attorneys are innovative and have great contacts abroad. Different legal systems and laws exist in different countries’.

Only an experienced legal team can navigate your deal with success. Of course, International litigation advocates in Chennai are geeks in international law and can assist your case across our borders.

Moreover, our lawyers offer help for domestic and international organizations. International law Counsels in this law office will help assist companies who do business in foreign countries.

Best Legal advice for international law disputes

Legal advisers in the Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran law chamber advise our clients in planning their international operations to avoid disputes. We have experience in working across various countries is a sure benefit for our clients. Our ranges of services are necessary for businesses to succeed in a foreign land.

Lawyers for companies and international disputes in Chennai

Foreign representation of companies and international disputes are complex and tiresome. It involves many laws and treaties. You may face language and cultural differences in a foreign land. Our International law advocates have training in handling civil, criminal, and Laws across the globe.

Many companies abroad seek our legal counsel on business law and business governance. Without a doubt, our attorneys in Chennai represent both foreign and domestic companies for cross border transactions. Amazingly, our legal counsels approach every case with a global perspective. Finally, International lawyers offer a cost-effective and expedient path to resolve your disputes.

Find the top international lawyers in India

Find the top international lawyers in India

Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law Chamber attorneys have good understanding of culture and traditional differences through extensive travelling. Many of our attorneys offer tailored legal services relevant to case. This Law office in India have international affiliates all over the world to handle your case. This is a Law firm having world-wide network of trusted business partners should local counsel need arise.

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