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ADVOCATES FOR REVENUE DEPARTMENT: Find the Best Ranking Lawyers for Revenue department Cases in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Contact Advocate Saravanan Rajendran Law Chamber to resolve complicated Taxation litigation in Madras High Court and Supreme Court of India. Just Make an Appointment with a senior Attorney for Revenue department Cases. The Quality Legal Guidance of Top-Rated Legal Counsels will make your case successful at any point in time. Ask for a bit of Legal advice instantly. Avail of Online Legal Consultation first. Virtual Legal Services for Tax cases will be very useful not only the in case of pandemic situations but also in any type of period. Legal support is essential for any Revenue department case. Consult Revenue department Lawyers in Chennai today


“Deal with the disputes of Dept. of Revenue Having an experienced lawyer at your side”

Being involved in a tax dispute with dept. of revenue is not an easy experience in the first place. If you’re at present, facing any demands from the department of revenue, it’s wise to have an experienced attorney at your side as a matter of fact. Our Civil advocates in Chennai specializing in the Taxation Matters can help you to make sure that you are free from troubles in addition..

Top Civil lawyers for the Revenue department in Chennai

Our advocates have extensive experience in representing taxpayers across departments and courts in a like manner. In any case, Our expertise and experience will make a significant difference. As a Revenue department lawyers in Chennai, We have a piece of good knowledge of tax laws in the same fashion.

Top Civil lawyers for Revenue department in Chennai
Revenue department lawyers in Chennai

The revenue department may seem coupled with intimidating. The truth is they are like any other government department in the light of fact. They are beholden to the taxpayers by the same token. They are obliged to work with you to a certain extent. A Civil attorney can negotiate with the Revenue department about:

  • Payment plan creation,
  • Tax settlements,
  • Release liens or slow or stop levies,
  • Avoid scope of audit etc.

You can appeal the Revenue department’s decisions. We are familiar with tax appeals with departments and courts. Don’t face your tax disputes alone. Let our firm help you carry forward.

Our tax litigation advocates assist our clients in the following. They are the conventional and alternate dispute resolutions:

  1. Appellate proceedings
  2. Authority for Advance Rulings
  3. Mutual Agreement Procedure
  4. Income-tax Settlement Commission
  5. National Company Law Tribunal and National Company Law Appellate Tribunal
  6. The procedure under the General Anti Avoidance Rules


The hierarchy of appellate is – at the topmost Supreme Court. Then it is High Court > Appellate Tribunal > first appellate authority > assessing officer. Our Revenue department Legal services are:

  • File appeals and compliance procedures and requirements of appellate authorities
  • Plan appeal strategy and approach. Draft legal submissions.
  • Legal Counseling by advocates experienced with appellate proceeds
  • Advice on action course before Revenue department authorities. It is to minimize penal consequences.
  • Review of pending litigation. We offer comments on defense strategy, success probability, and prevention of re-occurrence.
  • We assist in writ petitions and special leave petitions of the Supreme Court and High Court.


The Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR) is an independent adjudicatory. Both direct and indirect tax assesses can find out tax liability in advance through AAR. This prevents prolonged Revenue department litigation.

Top Ranking Lawyers offer our valued advice before the AAR application. Of Course, these Attorneys prepare an AAR application and represent you before AAR.


The mutual Agreement Procedure is a dispute resolution mechanism. It comes under the Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA). It is an alternate dispute resolution. In fact, It is a special procedure that does not come under domestic tax regulations. It involves the process of negotiations. Under MAP government authority interacts with an intent to resolve international tax disputes. It can be double taxation Revenue department cases or interpretation inconsistencies or tax treaties applications.

The Best Revenue department Legal Consultants assist in the preparation and filing of MAP applications. By the way, they offer prior tax inputs before and during the proceeding. Of course, We help our clients in analyzing the resolution. We offer advice that helps them to accept or deny the decree.,


It is a quasi-judicial body. It gives a single-time opportunity for tax settlement to tax dodgers or accidental defaulters. Above all, It helps to avoid litigation.

Top Rated Lawyers draft the application and file it with the Income-tax settlement commission. Of course, these Solicitors also represent you before ITSC at all stages. The ITSC stages are admission, validation, and final hearing st, age. By all means, these Vakils prepare replies and rejoinders for submission before the Revenue department authorities.


NCLT & NCLAT are quasi-judicial authorities to point out. They handle all Revenue department disputes relating to companies in India. Our company law services comprise:

  1. Collect and prepare all relevant documents for the NCLT application.
  2. Review NCLT petitions that need filing and other related documents
  3. We offer help in filing scheme approval documents with ROC and income tax. We also assist with filings with regional directors and official liquidators
  4. Appeal and represent your case before the NCLAT


GAAR is applicable from the financial year 2017-18 onward. GAAR proceedings get vetted first by the income tax commissioner. Then a second stage it gets vetted by an approving panel headed by a High court judge. The directions given by GAAR are final and not appealable anymore and anywhere in particular. To clarify, It is of extreme importance that you get represented by Revenue department Legal professionals.

Our Tax litigation advocates offer you help for the purpose of preparation and filing of objections. We represent you before Revenue department authorities in GAAR proceedings.

Revenue Department Case Lawyers in Chennai

Experiencing tax disputes or litigation is one of the most demanding times by all means. Tax litigation involves high stakes and uncertainty in general. With this in mind, You need to give utmost importance to tax litigation. In reality, Tax litigation needs handling by Legal professional experts. Above all, our Revenue department case advocates can handle your issue with tact and flawless. We offer effective practical solutions to our clients at the same time.

It is a tough one to face tax disputes alone on the contrary. You may end up with huge penalties and adverse actions without legal counsel on the other hand. You will gain invaluable peace as your case moves forward with our Revenue department case attorneys’ help in contrast.

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