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Advocates for Asset and Wealth Management

Have you protected your assets in the first place ?, Are you sure, Have you safe guarded your wealth for your loved ones?. Actually, Have you attained the lifestyle and health you desire for?.

Top Advocates for Asset and Wealth Management in Chennai

At the same time, Are you good at managing your taxes ?. Above all, Are you good at making wise financial and investment decisions ?. From here on, Are you good at asset and wealth management ?. Contact our attorneys for Asset and Wealth Management in Chennai.

Top Advocates for Asset and Wealth Management in Chennai

As a matter of fact, our team of advocates can help you with your asset and wealth management. At any rate, The legal advice are of great valued by our clients. At any point, our aim is to help our clients in effective management of their wealth. In the same way, we assist our clients in achieving all wealth related aspirations.

In fact, We help them live an inspired life. On the other hand, we are proud to let you know that our clients are leading directors, senior executives, business leaders and business owners. In other words, they have accumulated great wealth through our valued advice. Of course, we enjoy taking care of our clients by assisting them organizing their finances and stay that way.

To be sure, We handle cases of successful people and tackle their wealth issues relating to:

  • Taking good and wise decision about their finances
  • Protection of wealth from unlawful miscreants
  • Handle the matters of their heirs
  • Mitigation of tax
  • Attainment of your lifestyle and health goals.
  • Smart planning that makes a big difference in your wealth

As per a recent research only one is six people have organized wealth strategies. The financial system of asset and wealth management is complex and hence we are here to help you.

Our advocates work with financial planners and other professionals . We ensure you receive Best Advises on tax strategies and financial protection methods:

  • Prevention of tax burdens after the event of divorce
  • Estate planning
  • Creation of captives
  • Real estate matters
  • Tax planning and strategy
  • Asset protection

Wealth management services are not only meant for wealthy. Even young couples who want plan for future or build nest egg can seek advice about progressive financial strategies.


Divorce is an emotional and stressful legal process for the entire family. Many people concentrate on family law issues like relocation, child custody and so on. But you cannot ignore tax burden after you divorce your spouse.

Your tax classification will change and your tax burden will increase after you divorce your spouse. You need to plan your tax liability after divorce.

Our advocates will aid you in handling complex tax-divorce matters giving best possible outcome. Our aim is to protect your finances and best interests.

The following are some of the decisions which affect your tax situation:
  1. Selling or retaining your family home
  2. Child support from spouse you collect or pay
  3. Which spouse claim children as his/her dependents?
  4. The amount of alimony you pay or collect
  5. Your ex-spouse tax obligation
  6. Use of finance in divorce process


Estate planning is to preserve your assets for your future generation. Nobody wants to imagine about the death of their loved one. But death is inevitable and nobody known the exact time. Hence estate planning is crucial to prevent any mishaps. It ensures your loved ones are under care. We can help you with asset and wealth management and other related affairs.

Our Estate Planning Services includes the following:
  • Preparation of Wills
  • Formation of Trusts
  • Formation of Living trusts
  • Powers of attorney and its documentation
  • Estate administration
  • Business law
  • Elder law
  • Probate
  • Guardianships


A captive is an insurance company who agree to finance the risks of contributors or owners. Captives help you in asset protection and long term estate plan. More wealth mean the greater the risks. Hence captives come to your aid.


Venturing into real estate market and turning the tide to your advantage requires knowledge and expertise. A real estate investment does contain certain amount of risk. Find good opportunities of real estate investment. Then turn them into profits. Real estate transactions can be stressful if you do not know legal nuances.

We assist you in real estate transactions that involve:
  • Plots without elected use
  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Office spaces and hospitality properties


Taxes paid on properties can have a strong effect on your finances. Hence tax planning and strategy formulation is crucial for your assets. Our advocates help you understand how much of your hard earned money goes into taxes. People are wise in picking up strong investments. But they do not consider the tax impact of that investment.

Our aim to save your hard earned money with our tax strategies and keep you within legal boundary. You need not worry about tax evasion and other tax related accusations.


Certain situations like civil lawsuits, bankruptcy or divorce can put your assets at risk. It is always wise to be proactive and protect your assets. You can protect your wealth using asset protection strategies. Our firm helps individuals and families protect their assets from risks.

Some of the simple asset protection strategies involve:
  1. Transfer of assets in your spouse’s name
  2. Put your earnings in retirement funds or other investments with unlimited protection
  3. Take an umbrella policy to protect from personal injury claims

We are one of the top legal firms involved in asset and wealth management legal services. We work with financial planners to produce tailored plans suitable for your personalized needs. Contact our Law firm today with your inquiries.

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