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Legal Metrology Consultants

Are you aware that restaurants can charge more than MRP for bottled water? What business strategy do you adopt all in all to prevent violation of the Legal Metrology Act? Are you aware that e-commerce platforms indeed come under this Act? Are you aware that there is the restriction of dual MRP in the first place on packaged products?. To sum up, Declaration on packaged goods is mandatory as per law. If you miss this, then you could face imprisonment for up to a year.

Legal Metrology Consultants in Chennai

Earlier people used to go to the shop to buy products. In case of any mischief, consumers would hold the shopkeeper or the company responsible. Today the trend of shopping has gone online in short. Meanwhile, Consumers are now unaware and helpless about the quality and quantity of the product.

In India to sell or distribute packaged goods like food products, consumer products or export products, etc., In brief, you need a legal metrology certificate. The Metrology Department of Consumer Affairs issues this certificate to be sure.

Do you have no idea about these types of registrations? Do not worry. Our legal metrology consultants will assist you through the process of registration.

Are you a seller or distributor of packaged goods? Are you a manufacturer or exporter? If yes, then you need to understand Legal Metrology Act. Our legal metrology consultants have extensive experience in handling clients across varied sectors.

In India, if your business is selling or distributing packaged goods like consumer goods, food products, in particular, you need to follow Legal Metrology Act.

Why Choose Our Law firm for Metrology issues ?

We are aware of the ins and outs of Metrology Law. We are familiar with the procedures with respect to legal metrology registrations.

Our legal metrology consultants ensure your business has the necessary registrations. We ensure you follow rules and get the necessary licenses.

We are leading metrology advocates well-versed with the procedures of Government. Moreover, We will support you through every step of registration.

Leading Metrology advocates in Chennai 

  • Civil Attorneys in our Law firm have vast experience interacting with Legal Metrology Department of Consumer Affairs
  • Lawyers practicing in Civil court and High court in Chennai have vast experience interacting with  Food & Supplies Department
  • Most of all, Advocates here have practical knowledge about weights and measurements standards as per Law.
  • We are the most trusted legal consultants
  • We use a comprehensive approach to meet various requirements and regulations of trade of packaged, exported and other goods.

A legal Metrology certificate is mandatory for many businesses. The Legal Metrology Act aims to bring down weights and measurement errors. The Act aims to bring accountability and transparency. The Act lays down guidelines for units, instruments, measuring standards, etc to ensure accuracy and security of weights and measurements.

The main objectives of the Legal Metrology Act are:

  • To set up and enforce weights and measurement standard
  • To regulate trade and commerce on weights and measures

The following three capacities can apply for Legal Metrology registration certificate:

ü Importer

ü Manufacturer

ü Packer

In the case of some products like weighing machines, you need to undergo 5 step registration process of the LM Dept. :

Ø Model Approval

Ø Packaged Commodity Registration

Ø Import License

Ø Dealership License

Ø Stamping of products

Implementation and Jurisdiction

The Legal Metrology Act got implemented by GOI, Dept. of consumers affairs and Food & public distribution dept. Some states have modified the act and some are using it as it is.

The Legal Metrology Act lays down specific standards and regulations on packaged goods’ selling and distribution. It also encompasses import and export goods. To ensure smooth and efficient business operations and in other words to ensure consumer rights protection, businesses need to follow this act.

The following are the basic requirements to sell or distribute something in India:

  • Unit of measure or weight
  • Base units
  • Unit of quantity
  • Standard of reference
  • Transaction of goods
  • Product packaging
  • Unit of measure or weight

Every measure or weight unit should be owing to legal metrology and measurement systems.

Base units
  1. Length has to be in meter
  2. Mass has to be in Kilogram
  3. Time should be in seconds etc.
  4. Numeration in accord to decimal system
Unit of quantity

A person when quoting a price, publishing the advertisement and indicating the number of prepacked goods needs to do the same in accordance with the act.

Standard of reference

Every working standard, reference standard, and secondary standard needs verification and stamping at the same time. Then again, You need to pay a specific fee for the same.

Transaction of goods

All goods transactions should be as per the measures, numbers, or weights as mentioned in the act on the other hand.

Product packaging

A packaged product should be in specified standard quantities or numbers by the same token. It should bear declarations and details as prescribed by the act in the same fashion.

Civil advocates render best legal services in the area of legal Metrology in conclusion. As a matter of fact, You get the legal aid and Lawyers ensure quality services from our end. In fact, our Senior attorneys one among the top 3 legal professionals in India of the well-known legal Metrology consultants. Above all, advocates at our firm can assist you conform to all the basic requirements. Contact our legal Metrology consultants today.

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