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One of the beautiful ways to grow your family is through adoption. Open your home and heart to a child in need. Our dedicated advocates assist you in Adoption legal Services. Your transition into a family life with your new child will be with legal security and peace of mind. Our commitment and dedication to clients made us a trusted source for many families. They value our advice and personalized service.

child custody case lawyers in Chennai
child custody case lawyers in Chennai

Child adoption is a big decision.  You need to consider lots of things before taking things further. You need to consider the financial and emotional constraints. Moreover, You need to consider your capability as a parent. There are lots of complexities involved in child adoption. Our advocates will be happy to give you legal help in child adoption.

In India, living without a Child in a family is not possible. One must have at least 2 kids. The relatives often ask for good news in the year after the wedding. Not only this, indian people have the mentality that, living in the stress without kids is most meaning less life.

What laws govern child adoption in India?

Adoption refers to legal relationship of a child. It is the subject matter of personal law. The acts that govern Child adoption Legal Services in India are:

  • The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act,
  • The Guardians and Wards Act
  • The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act
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Hindus can adopt a child under the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act. Christians, Parsis, and Muslims do not have any adoption laws. They can have foster care through the court under the Guardians and Wards Act. Christians, Parsis, and Muslims can adopt a child through The Guardians and Wards Act

Who regulates the process of Adoption in India?

To adopt a child in India, you need to follow the adoption Legal Services process laid down by the Central Adoption Resource Agency – CARA

Who can place a child for adoption in India?

The biological parents of the child have the right to give up their child to licensed adoption agencies. Adoption agencies do the paperwork to end a parent’s rights. A waiting time of 60 days is set forth.  After that biological parent’s right are irrevocable and gets terminated. The child becomes a ward of the state and a permanent solutions process gets started.

Who should the willing families for adoption contact?

A family who aspires to adopt a child should contact a licensed agency. CARA website has got a list of licensed adoption agencies. The applicant intending for child adoption should undergo a counseling process. This gives real expectations of adoptive parenting. You need to complete the required Paperwork.

What is the process of adoption?

The procedure for adoption of child in India is as follows:


In this paragraph, It is the foremost legal step of adoption. The application gives out the strength and weakness of the adoptive parent. A Single parent who are adopting should show support system of the child.

  • Affidavit / Marriage certificate
  • Proof of age / Birth certificate
  • Income tax return documents
  • Property statement and banking details
  • Medical certificates of couple & their children if any
  • Infertility report, if applicable,
  • Medical report stating couple’s chances of having biological children
  • 3 recommendation letters about the couple
  • Letter stating alternate child care arrangements for working adoptive mother
  • Couple’s photograph
  • Adoption Decree of previous adoptions if any
  • Home Study Report and undertaking from social welfare agency
  • GOI approval for inter-country adoptions

Arrangement for Child entry permission into foreign country.

Home Visit

A social worker or adoption agency may visit adoptive parent home to assess the applicant. After home study the applicant gets wait listed. The wait list time depends on number of wait list applicant and number of adoption cleared.

Placing the child

In child’s interest, the agency tries to match some child features to the adoptive parent. A child gets identified and first placed with family under foster care. After this the court may grant adoption deed.

Birth Certificate

Once you get an adoption deed you can apply for a birth certificate through court. The new birth certificate mentions the adoptive parent name/s.

Is International Adoption a bit different?

NRIs, foreigners and Indian citizens outside India can adopt child from India. The rules vary a bit with international adoption Legal Services :

Applicant capability assessment

Foreigner country’s child welfare agency should sponsor the application. Social worker from child welfare agency prepares Home Study Report. It shows the sponsorship of foreigner’s application.

Extra documents

Besides to the above a willingness declaration is a must.  Also submit an undertaking stating to follow child law of country he resides.

Advocates in Chennai

Apply the international application, at the district judge court jurisdiction of the agency. Indian welfare agency or an authorized person can apply. Court gives notice to the Indian Council for Child Welfare & Indian Council for Social Welfare to verify guardianship. The report of these firms contains the opinion about foreign nationals in the child’s interest.

In India, Child adoption is a legal process.   In any case, You need to follow strict standards and laws. You need to ensure about your parenting capacity. In fact, You need to have a stable income and clean criminal record. You need to heal and healthy. You need to offer a secure environment to the adopted child.

Our child adoption lawyer will guide you through the entire process. At this point, You can share and discuss your concern with our advocates. Our advocates give tips and guidelines of child adoption. Ask our advocates queries on adopting a baby. We are here to help you. Our advocates ensure that the child adoption Legal Services process is compliant with the Indian law.

Senior advocates in our law firm offer legal support and solve your problems. Only adoption attorneys in Chennai can help you complete all the legal processes. Are you ready to take the big step to expand your family ?. Contact us and fix up an appointment. Top Advocates are eager to help you realize your dream of family expansion via adoption.

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