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Having an advocate on your side is always safe and wise. Some people & business cannot afford regular services of advocate to handle legal matters. Under such cases retainer-ship legal service is win-win for both the lawyer and his client.


Retainer fees are an amount paid to an attorney in advance. It is for them to be available to handle the client’s legal matters. The advocate needs to show the number of billable hours to his client. Retainer-ship legal service is definable based on various parameters.

What is a retainer fee?

The retainer fee is an amount paid in advance to an advocate. It is for the service that the advocate renders in the future. The fee gets paid based on monthly-estimated work. More often it covers anticipated work of the entire case from beginning up to the end.

For Example., the Retainer fee

You may pay your advocate INR 5000 to handle a custody dispute. In fact, every phone call, court fees, a letter was written is billable to retainer fee with an advocate. Sometimes the extra time spent on your case is to be borne by you.

What Does A Retainer Agreement Contain?

For continuous legal service from an advocate, clients may enter into a retainer agreement. To ensure a complete understanding of fees, you need to review your agreement. There is no standard agreement.

The following are some common features of the retainer-ship legal agreement.

  • Billing rates charged by the advocate – These are attorney fees and their staff fees working on your case. Billing rates depend on the lawyers’ experience, specialization, and education.
  • Initial retainer fee which stated as earned when paid is non-refundable
  • The extra cost over and above the fee. It can be like court fees, costs that occur during the investigation process, and deposits. Postage. , copying and phone charges also come under extra cost.
  • Frequency of billing and billing terms. Every month bill consists of costs and remaining retainer fee balance. Additional costs are due upon receipt.
  • The agreement contains the terms of non-payment. The recourse may be an interest or service fee on the overdue balance. It can also be a lien on your documents or possession with the attorney. You will get your things from the attorney’s possession until to settle the overdue balance.
How retainer fee gets handled?

Attorneys need to deposit your retainer fee in special trust accounts. Moreover, They cannot deposit fees in their general business accounts. Advocate transfers funds from trust account to business account over the case progress. Meanwhile, This transfer happens only after the services get performed on your behalf.

  1. Cross-check attorneys bill. – It is up to the client to check the transfer made by the advocate from the special trust account of the retainer fee. The attorney makes transfer based on the billable hours as per the retainer-ship agreement.
  2. Ensure you receive an update statement every month as you work with your advocate. This update statement must include a detailed accounting statement and work description. Accounting should contain billable hours for each work. It has to contain the total billable amount for the month.
  3. Depleting retainer amount. Your advocate has to give you alert or advance notice if the deposit is on the verge of depletion. The attorney should notify either for a new fee or get your permission to go over the retainer. Most of all, the lawyers can bill you for the amount over and above this fee.
What are the benefits of retainer-ship legal service?

What are the benefits of retainer-ship legal service?

A Retainer-ship legal service is an arrangement beneficial to both advocate and client. The lawyer has got assurance his legal fees will get paid every month or at least a regular basis. This is helpful in particular if the client is slow paying. It is beneficial to the client for it offers an anticipatory budget of legal fees.

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What are the services which come under the Retainer-ship legal service?

The following services are under Retainer-ship legal service :

  • General legal support
  • Legal advice for companies and Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Legal advice for human resources and contract
  • Prepare/draft/respond to legal correspondence
  • Coordinate with external lawyers
  • Issue letter of demand
  • Advice on preemptive legal measures
  • Conduct a legal health check
  • On-site support
  • Provide legal workshop

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