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Real estate profession is firstly a critical one where in huge money transaction takes place. In fact You must sign written contract along with your land agent witness. If Your agent indeed breaches that contract, you can sue your agent for breach of contract. Furthermore have a separate legal claim for skilled negligence. Moreover One must confirm the agent’s work engaged and his conduct. Here it doesn’t meet the skillful customary for land agents, then you have to reject. Our Attorneys will help you always in choosing the best Real estate agent.

Professional Negligence Cases

Lawyers for Written Contract drafting

Most land agents need their seller to sign a brokerage or listing agreement. And furthermore for buyers, a vendee illustration agreement. In addition, For smooth transaction Lawyers prepare the documentation of contract. Of-Course, state laws need contracts for land to be in written kind. Oral contracts usually are insufficient once it involves land. A signed written contract along with your land agent, will define the terms the agent should meet. Lawyers from Advocate saravvanan Rajendran Law associates is the No.1 legal consultants in Chennai. They solve all your legal issues on professional negligence in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Breach of Duty

Your contract along with your land agent can, or a minimum of ought to, determine bound duties and obligations that the important agent should satisfy. as a result of land agents usually write their own contracts, the terms area unit usually in their favor and area unit but specific concerning the important estate agent’s duties. you may ought to determine a selected violation if you hope to say a legal claim for breach of contract.


Your written contract along with your land agent could specify a minimum level of damages within the event of breach by either party. These area unit typically referred to as liquidated damages. Additional doubtless, however, the contract won’t specify liquidated damages. Those implies you instead can ought to prove however the important estate agent’s breach of contract caused you damages. perhaps the breach caused you to miss a chance to sell your home or caused you to sell your home for too low a worth.

Negligence Claim Advocates

It is generally easier to say a negligence claim against a true agent than a breach of contract claim. It is primarily as a result of land agency contracts usually have few specific obligations obligatory on the important agent. Even while not a selected breach of contract by the agent, however, you continue to could have a claim against your agent. Thus if he failed to act during a skilled or affordable manner.

Duty to Mitigate

State laws impose a obligation of mitigation on parties who expertise a breach of contract. within the context of a true estate agency agreement, this implies you need to create some affordable effort to avoid injury by the important estate agent’s breach of your contract. If the agent isn’t listing your home as she ought to, you must attempt to get another agent to list your home. Or, if the agent isn’t actively seeking out a replacement home for you to buy, you must most likely arrange to realize a replacement agent to figure on your behalf. simply remember that if you’re wrong, and your agent has not broken the contract, you may be in breach of contract if you rent a replacement agent to interchange your current agent. you must solely work with a replacement agent if you’re bound your current agent has already broken the contract.

Lawyers for Professional negligence in medical field

The negligence proof is established to prove it. Lawyers win a suit of negligence when a litigant should show that. A defendant’s negligent act or omission ie enough than the explanation for the injury. Direct deed could be a term utilized in a minority of jurisdictions for what’s a lot of usually called proximate deed

The original take a look at for deed was known as “but-for” deed or actual deed. This stated Associate in helping except for that the injury or injury wouldn’t have occurred.

Scope of Liability in Professional negligence in India

The problem with mistreatment but-for deed is that one event will have several but-for causes that regress indefinitely in time. as a result of the but-for take a look at didn’t effectively limit the scope of liability to an affordable degree, it absolutely was determined to be Associate in Nursing ineffective take a look at for deed in negligence cases.

Direct deed refines the concept of but-for deed by limiting it to acts or omissions that there’s no superseding cause between it and therefore the injury. an instantaneous cause is Associate in Nursing actual but-for cause, however it should even be proximate in time to the particular injury.

Superseding Causes – negligence claim Advocates

A superseding cause, that negates deed in a very negligence claim, is Associate in Nursing freelance act or omission that was unpredictable. To be superseding, it should be a but-for cause that occurred later in time than the defendant’s act or omission, and are unpredictable.

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Weaknesses or vulnerabilities of the person conveyance a negligence claim. Especially in case of that amplify the extent of the injury done thereto person don’t seem to be thought-about superseding causes. This can be a principle of actus reus law known as the covering bone litigant rule once a medical condition. Those ends up in serious injuries from minor blows that may not injury a traditional individual.

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