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HOW TO SELECT THE CORRECT LAWYER / ADVOCATE? Choosing the right lawyer for your needs is a daunting process. Doing research is the key to finding a good Advocate. At some point of time in your life, you will be in need of the services of a good lawyer. Whether it is you are buying or selling your home, setting up your business, drafting a Will, or dealing with a family law issue, there are numerous situations where the experience and expertise of a good advocate are indispensable.

Lawyers come with varied specialties, skill sets, interests, level of experience and so on. You need to ensure choosing the right one which suits your particular needs.


Eventually, every business organization is going to need legal representation. An Advocate is indeed a business asset. It is perceived by many entrepreneurs that you need to approach an Advocate when there is litigation or when the need arises. But it is a wrong notion. You need the services of an Attorney right from the incorporation of your business.

How to Choose the Right Lawyer ?

Following are some of the hints that guide you in selecting the correct lawyer for your legal needs

Discern your need for an Advocate

The sooner you recognize your need for Advocate for your business and start getting good advice, the better off for your business. It is recommended to start contacting lawyers right when you have idea of starting your own company and include the fees into the budget of forming your company.

Do Your Research about the lawyer you want to hire

In the research phase, you can start making a list of several lawyers from personal referrals of your friends, neighbours and business associates. Bar Associations are also good sources of finding your typical Advocate. The online resource is another good source which comes with the added benefit of consumer reviews. You will have knowledge through ratings about interactions with the particular attorney to hire.

Focus on the type of lawyer you need

All Lawyers will not be specialized in every legal area. Some may be specialized in trademarks, some in the formation of a company or LLP or some in drafting common business contracts. In the best interest of your business, it is advisable to choose a general business attorney who has good referral background for your specialized needs.

The lawyer who understands your business and market

It is important your lawyer should understand your business and market. It prevents the communication gap. If you’re opening a chemical company, an attorney who is familiar with the complex web of regulations involved in that type of project is going to be the right fit for you.

Hence a lawyer who understands or who is willing to learn about your market or niche is an added advantage. Ensure the advocate you hire has experience in the area of law in which you require assistance. In the legal field, there are many practice areas. Most Attorneys tend to handle cases in specific practice areas.

Choose the law firm of the right size to find the best advocate

There are plus and minus of working with big law firms, small law firms, and solo law practitioners. When you hire a big law firm that handles Fortune 500 companies, you may not be given priority.

When you engage with small law firms or solo practitioners you can receive more individual attention and tag you with other specialists when they cannot cater to your legal needs.

Irrespective of the size of the law firm, be sure to understand who you’ll be working with. How to get in touch with them for queries and emergencies? Ensure the lawyer you choose has access to resources that accommodates when your business grows.

Some advocates work by themselves. But many outsource or have paralegals to do their legal work. Ensure who will be handling your file, as this can have a great impact on both the quality of the service you receive and the cost.

Communication with lawyers in Chennai

How does the lawyer in Chennai communicate with the clients?. How should you be getting in touch with them for your queries? What is their response time?. Every advocate in Chennai at our law firm will most likely be handling several cases at a time. Your case is a priority for you. Ensure the Advocate you hire recognizes this and communicates with you on time.

Choose a lawyer who gives additional benefits

In addition to legal services and advice, many law firms host regular events to encourage clients to meet and network. They conduct live events and webinars. It is wise to choose an advocate who is associated with trade associations and other professionals which you can benefit from. They may also give you business leads.

Should your lawyer be from the same city or state?

You do not meet your lawyers face-to-face on a daily basis. If you live in a small town of small lawyers your choice of Advocates is tiny. But that is not the real problem. An attorney who lives in another state will just serve you with the same business law needs. Feel free to look for legal counsel outside your geographic area. In case you have customers, vendors or partners in other countries ensure to enquire if the law firm has a relationship with attorneys in that country.

Advocates fee structure

Legal advice is quite costly. It is important that you know your lawyer fees. Collect an estimate from your advocate based on your legal needs. Do not be hesitant to discuss fee structure. It enables you to plan your legal costs. Traditionally most business Attorneys work on hourly basis. But many work on the basis of particular task.

Evaluate which of the fee structure is beneficial to your budget. A cocktail of both will be beneficial for both advocates and the client.

Important Legal Information

Find the No1 Lawyer from top law firms in India

Once you’ve completed the assessment process, you would have chosen the right lawyer in Chennai for your particular situation.

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