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A General Legal opinion in common man terms is nothing but the answers to your legal problems. Expert attorneys guide can you through your legal disputes through their Legal Advice. General Legal Opinion pertains to legal aspects of any disputes. It contains legal data and Law Guidance.

It consists of Legal judgment of the attorneys on the issues of client. Legal opinion is useful to common man who does not have any knowledge about law.


As he does not know about the legal out turn of issues faced by him, a legal opinion letter is a useful. Professional legal guidance is accessible to common man through General legal opinion. Common man can ensure there is no violation of law due to their conduct and action.

A legal Consultation gives reasonable possible legal outcome of the dispute at hand.

An Opinion letter is a communication between an attorneys and his client. A legal opinion is a letter that gives legal implications & analysis of a dispute. It is the formal expression of advice based on knowledge of attorney.

It contains advocates’ understanding of the law about a case. Subject to client’s request legal opinion letters gets drafted by our attorneys.

Is Legal Opinion Necessary ?

Legal opinion letters are useful to clients who are curious about the legal effect of an issue . It is a method of communication of legal conclusions and legal analysis of an issue. Many clients are depending more on legal opinion letter before taking up litigation.

Under what cases Opinion letters are useful?

General Legal opinion letters are useful in every legal problem you face. It throws a better light about how to take your issue forward in a legal way.

Loan borrowers can get legal support from attorneys about the loan documents. They can reduce the legal fees of loan application with the lender. Negotiation is possible about legal fees for processing your loan through opinion letters. Opinion letter helps a lender in his due diligence of his client. It also helps institutions like banks and insurance company who are into lending.

Types of opinion letter

Entity Status Opinion letter

An organization, be it company / LLP / firm is seeking loan. The lender would want to check various details about the enterprise. Lender has to ensure about the good standing of the company.

He has to assess the signatories’ authority and power. He has to ensure there are no law or contract violations by the company from borrowing loan. An opinion letter by an attorney says that your company is in good standing.

It says that signatories have ample power and authority to borrow loan. It contains lawyers’ opinion about any possible legal or contractual violations. Such letters will help you easy borrowing of loan.

Remedies Opinion Letter

In business world agreements and contracts gets entered between parties. These agreements & contracts need verification in case it is from the opposite party. Under such circumstances legal opinion letter about the contract or agreement is useful.

Remedies opinion letter covers about the formation of an agreement. It assesses whether the remedies in case of breach of agreement are enforceable at law. It deals with provisions that are not breach is enforceable at law.

Remedies opinion letter all the clauses, limits and provisions of an agreement. Remedies opinion letter does not deal with bankruptcy and equity options.

Non consolidation opinion letters

Non consolidation opinion letter is one of the riskiest opinions given by attorneys. It is a fact-intensive opinion of attorneys. They are time-consuming and complicated. It is an opinion that in a situation if an equity owner becomes insolvent, the assets and liabilities of the owned entity would not get consolidated with those of equity owners.

Real Estate opinion letters

When buying a property, the property buyer has to to ensure all documents are valid. The property buyer may want legal opinion about the property.

Under such circumstances a legal opinion letter about the real estate will be useful. This letter is helpful in accessing the rightful owner of the property.

In the same fashion, You can find out whether there is any litigation involved in the property and so on.

Other Common Opinions provided by us

The common legal opinions offered by us are:

  • Corporate Status opinions
  • Non Conflicts of Interest opinions
  • Litigation Absence opinions
  • Stock Issuance Opinions
  • Enforceable opinions

The above are some of the instances where a Legal Support is of high value to the client. There are many more issues where General legal opinion letter are useful. It can be like banking and finance transactions etc.

Ask the best advocate for a General Legal opinion in Chennai

Nowadays legal opinion letters have become frustrating necessity to tackle legal disputes in Cities like Chennai. Legal help will give a common man better grasping of his situation.

Moreover, Our Law firm attorneys in Chennai issue opinion letters to meet hope of lenders, clients & third parties. Most of all, In an uncertain world legal opinion letter helps you to reduce the risk.

Advocates in our Law firm will help you with loan application, property buying or any other civil or criminal issues.

In fact, the attorneys in Chennai at Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law Chamber for the best General Legal Opinion Services. Top Lawyers guide you up the right legal path for corporate disputes, Service matters, Child Adoption and Family issues too.

Get in touch with our law office today to make an appointment with the best Lawyer. The Attorneys here will be happy to help you out.

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