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Find the best Corporate Finance advocates in Chennai Our Corporate finance lawyers have good understanding of company law. They are also good at consumer protection laws and competition action. Our Corporate finance advocates have the best drafting skills. Moreover, they offer suggestion about altering contract clauses in our clients' best interest. A corporate lawyer is an irreplaceable asset of any company. Get in touch with senior attorneys today. Here senior legal consultants want to be your stepping stone towards your business success and growth.


Corporate finance is an finance area where lawyers and banking investors work under one roof. Lawyers along with financial experts work side by side to assess damages. They also work in all other  areas like merger agreement negotiation, acquisition and security litigation.

What does an advocate do in the field of corporate finance?

Corporate finance lawyers offer advice on buying and selling of business firms or assets. What legal service you need for a company ?. Companies always need legal guidance about company law and regulations. Companies need guidance in raising funds. They need guidance in international transactions and compliance of foreign laws.


There is a recent amendment in Companies Act about loans and investments by a company. Our corporate finance advocate can guide through this easy process.

What role does a lawyer play in a corporate Finance ?

A lawyer has to assure of all business transaction of a company. In fact, Corporate attorney must advice the company about its legal duties and rights. The lawyer should remind about the company’s duty.

A lawyer no doubt as a professional must have good knowledge of contract law and tax law. In fact, He must also know about banking and securities law. By all means, He should know IP law and other business laws.

All major companies are focusing on corporate lawyers. A company that employs corporate lawyers has good support from its clients.

Contracts and agreements legal services

Corporate lawyers draw up company contracts and agreements. They review agreements and advice necessary amendments. Of course, They explain the legal points of any agreement or contract. In fact, They may advice about addition and deletion of some clauses in the agreement.

Corporate lawyer is good at negotiating deals. He represents the corporation during all its deals. A Corporate lawyer has lawful aim in the best interest of his company.

Corporate lawyer is necessary to be at all meeting of parties. It is great plus during negotiation. He acts as a mediator. He aids in decision making and offers valued suggestions.

Corporate lawyer can become partner or director of a company. He can also take roles in other departments of a company.

A Corporate Lawyer has practical knowledge about the following fields of a company:
Investment Restraint

A corporate lawyer restrains company in investing above 2 fold in shares &securities. This restriction is not applicable to the companies outside India.

Loan Restraint

Corporate advocate has to restrict company loans given to directors and other people. Director may have interest in these loans. Earlier this restriction was applicable only to public limited company. Now both public and private company has loan restrictions.

Business Structure

Corporate lawyers have knowledge about various legal entities. Most of all, They know how to use them for different purposes. They advice entrepreneurs in choosing the right form of business structure. Meanwhile, They assist in various business transactions and advice about their legal effect.


Advocates can use valid legal points in merger and acquisition. They can conduct due diligence of target company. They draft sale agreements and finance related agreements.

Company borrowings and Loans

There is restriction on inter company loan. It is 60% of paid up capital or 100% of reserves, whichever of the two is more. This restriction can be overcome by passing a special resolution in general meeting.


As per companies act the loan obtained by a company also comes under deposit. A public company can accept deposits from members and outsiders. A private company can accept deposits from only its members. At present there are many elaborate compliance requirements to accept deposits.

The company has to issue notice to its members. ROC filing and separate bank account is another need. A corporate Finance lawyer should be aware of all these loan transactions of a company.

Equity and debt financing

Finance is the life blood of any business. To finance business requirements you could use savings or borrow loans. When you have financial crunch debt financing is the best option. Debt financing is borrowing of loans from financial institutions like banks and NBFCs.

Lawyers help to achieve business goals

Our lawyers are aware of the techniques of availing finance. they help you earn profits with lawful object. Our lawyers help you in achieving your business goals. Good credit and solid financials serves as collateral for financing funds.

Many businesses refrain to take the risk of borrowing loans. They fear they will not be able to manage loans in times of business loss. Our lawyers predict such situations in advance and suggest proper loans systems.

Financial institutions offer loans to start and develop business. Many tycoons are not credit worthy to get loans. Corporate lawyers can help such tycoons. They help an entrepreneur in banking and financing decisions.

In debt financing the management holds business ownership. Management control and regulate business. In case of loan default, tangible asset is at risk but not entire business. Collateral and contingent funds may be a company in event of loan default.

Taking a credit improves your business credit. Business credit is good for future borrowing and insurance. Interest on loan is tax deductible which is an advantage to all the companies. It softens the sting of repayment.

Find the Best Corporate Finance Advocates in Chennai

Our Corporate finance lawyers have good skill in company law. They are also good at Consumer protection laws and competition action. Our Corporate finance advocates have the best drafting skills without doubt. Moreover, they offer an advice about altering contract clauses in our clients’ best interest.

A corporate lawyer is an unique asset of any company. Get in touch with Senior Attorneys today. Here senior legal consultants want to be your stepping stone towards your business success and growth.

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