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Who are Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran law associates ?. Their Skills of latest laws as soon as arriving in chemical industry is amazing. Chemical Law attorneys also keep track of many legal aspects in the industry.

On the other hand, What else you need in the chemical field ?. In fact, They are mergers & acquisitions, litigation & regulatory growth in the industry. Firstly, A skillful legal team comprises of senior advocates specialized across all the fields.


Moreover, Retainer attorneys in our Law firm deal with all chemical industry issues. Meanwhile, the legal services extends to environmental & regulatory matters. Here advocates help you in antitrust competition or investigation, compliance & so on.

Indian chemical Industry

Chemical Industry in India is wide ranging. It includes basic synthetics and their intermediaries. It also includes fertilizers, paints, printing inks and bulk drugs. Paints and pharma items also come under chemicals.

The major issues in India about chemicals are their presence in food chain. By the way, Health hazardous chemicals are being used in consumer products, toys and cosmetics. There are issues of workers safety, waste handling, storage and disposal etc.

Many NGOs and private initiatives are pressuring government to frame policies. Meanwhile, These policies are to regulate Synthetic industry and safeguard public.

Current Indian Laws governing chemical Law. The following are some of the laws that govern chemicals. It comes under the following groups.

  • Export & imports
  • Manufacturing of chemicals
  • Transportation of chemicals
  • Consumers’ interest in using chemicals
  • Protection of human health and environment

Each of the above groups has their own regulations. Moreover, Environment protection Act links all the above groups bringing them under single umbrella. Indian governments have got warning bells to frame policies.

Policies are necessary to protect public health and environment from dangerous chemicals. In other words, The ministry of Environment and Forest has electronic waste management rules. At any rate, GHS system of labeling & classification of chemicals is being adopted by our government.

Chemical Law Regulations in India

What do you think about rules and norms of Chemical Laws ?. Is it very simple ?. Just Contact an expert lawyer for Chemical Law support. Mainly, There is no registration rule for any chemical in India. At this point, The following are two important regulations active in India at present.

  • Manufacture, Storage And Import Of Hazardous Chemical (Amendment) Rules – 2000
  • Ozone Depleting Substance (R&C) Rules -2000

Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran Law associates Firm Services

  1. Regulatory and Environmental advisory services
  2. Dispute Resolution services
  3. Competition & Antitrust advisory services
  4. Risk Management services
  5. Compliance & investigation services
  6. Government and Global Trade
  7. Intellectual Property services
  8. Tax services

Chemical law attorneys good at following reports and strategies

  • Preparation of witness reports and testimony by experts
  • Plan Litigation strategy and questioning
  • Asset or Intellectual property or business valuation
  • Assessment of damages
  • Determination of Negligence
  • Commercial mediation
  • Review of Contracts and design
  • Bankruptcy support
  • Arbitration services
Industrial law Practice Areas at the best Law firm
Employment Law

Large numbers of people get employed by chemical industries. Hence the cost pressure is more. Our lawyers assist you in the following areas of chem industry like

  • Employment law involving foreign employment
  • Work time models
  • Company restricting and reconciliation of interest
  • Assist you in collective bargaining agreement
  • Transaction issues on employment
Expansion and Foreign Trade

In chemical industry the exports and import of chem products are high. These Companies are growing faster. It results in complex legal and cross country issues. We offer advice on expansion and distribution structures of your company. They include

  1. Export control
  2. Foreign trade and payment issues
  3. Help you in choosing location as per environment law and foreign investment structure
  4. Foreign authorities and partners negotiations
  5. Foreign contracts checking, drafting and amending. These contracts or agreements may be for sales, distribution, buying etc.
  6. Represent your company in international litigation and arbitration trials.
Environmental law

It is one of the important areas where legal services are necessary. Chemical companies need to follow various environment regulations. Environment regulations spreads across various laws. It may be Drug regulations, distribution regulations and storage regulations. We expertise in the following areas:

  1. Chemical law
  2. Building regulations and planning
  3. Industrial accidents
  4. Waste management &soil conservation
  5. Water management
  6. Nature conservation
  7. environment risk assessment
  8. Emmission control law, emission trading
  9. Environmental damages and environment liability

The best Chemical Law attorney in India will help you throughout the litigation process.


Compliance is very important for chem industry. With compliance failure you may need to face fine or imprisonment or sometimes both. Our lawyers are competent enough to handle all our legal compliance.

  • Design compliance structures, manage contracts, advice on data protection and employee training
  • Set-up whistle blowers and advice to prevent corruption
  • Investment management and corporate services
Protection of Intellectual property

All chemical companies have their own research data. You need to keep the same safe and protect them from theft. You need to get various licenses and registration to keep them safe

  1. Patents and trademarks enforcement
  2. Management of trademark, analysis of trademark and patent portfolio
  3. Avoiding claims and enforcing claims for injunction
  4. Discovery of infringement of IP and damages
  5. Fight against piracy
  6. developing litigation strategies for infringed rights

No.1 attorney for patent rights will guide your company in litigation and arbitration trials.

Distribution and antitrust regulations

A comprehensive legal regulation is a must for chemical industry. A bad crisis management of product liability can lead to criminal proceedings. Our advocates help you to prevent such risks.

  1. Drafting quality assurance, supply and other agreements
  2. General terms and conditions drafting and checking
  3. Agency and distribution agreements drafting
  4. Commercial and industry specific agreements
  5. Defense against product claims in and out of court
  6. Enforcement of rights
  7. Product recall advisory
  8. Legal Advice on liability risks of chemicals

Find the No.1 Law firm for Chemical Law litigation services in Chennai

Senior Lawyers for Chemical law assure all our clients an effective practical and legal support. Our clients range from startups to big chemical companies. Our Corporate advocates have good insight about regulatory and legal issues of your company. In fact, this Corporate law firm has good knowledge about technical, strategic, operations and commercial areas of Drug industries.

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