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Government service matter in Central administrative tribunal in Chennai (CAT)

Find the Best Advocates for the Central Administrative Tribunal CAT in Chennai. Search Top Ranking CAT Lawyers in Madras High Court Campus. The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) is a specialized judicial body that deals with disputes related to the recruitment, service, and conditions of service of civil servants in India. If you have a case that requires legal representation before the CAT, finding the right lawyer is crucial. Advocate Saravanan Law Associates is a leading law firm in India that specializes in providing legal services for CAT cases. In this article, we will discuss how to find the best CAT lawyers at Advocate Saravanan Law Associates and why they are the right choice for your legal representation.

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Advocate Saravanan law associates in Chennai have good CAT lawyers. One can gain the success through our CAT attorneys. Basically, The Central Administrative Tribunal comes under an Article 323 of the Constitution.

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On the other hand, This is for Adjudication of debate and protests regarding Recruitment and states of administration of people. Especially they are in the Public Services and posts regarding the issues. The Matter is with regards to the Union or different specialists under the control of the Government.

Find the Best Advocates for Central Administrative tribunal CAT in Chennai

Above all, In the announcement of questions and reasons on the presentation of the Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985 it was said :

“It is normal that the setting up of such Administrative Tribunals to bargain only with Service Matters. It would go a long route in not just lessening the weight of the different Courts. Mostly, it is along these lines giving them more opportunity to manage different cases quickly. However, it would likewise give to the people secured by the Administrative Tribunals expedient alleviation in regard to their grievances. Government service matter advocates in our Law firm offer the best legal services in The CAT.

Who is the best Central Administrative tribunal Advocate in Chennai? Which the law firm to provide legal services for Central administrative tribunal ?. What will be the fees for contesting a case in CAT?

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All over India, 17 Benches and 20 Circuit Benches are there in the Central Administrative Tribunal at this point. In the Government of India notification, there is about 207 organization that comes under section 14(2) of the administrative tribunal act, 1985. In addition to the Ministries and Departments of the Central Government bring them within the jurisdiction of the CAT, from time to time. Above all, Principal Bench in the Central Administrative Tribunal deals with the Government matters of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Firstly, The Hon’ble Chairman Sh. Justice Permod Kohli, former Chief Justice of the High Court of Sikkim is actually the chief for CAT. About 66 Hon’ble Members are there in various Benches of the Tribunal out of which there are 33 Judicial Members which include the Hon’ble Chairman and also 33 are Administrative Members. Normally a Bench consists of 1 Judicial Member and 1 Administrative Member Subject to other provisions of the Act.

The CAT is a special body consisting of Judicial Members along with Administrative Members. In fact, they are equipped with the skill and knowledge to dispense effective and speedy justice. As per the Administrative Tribunals (Amendment) Act, 2006 (1 of 2007), The Hon’ble Chairman and Member’s conditions of service are the same is applicable to a Judge of the High Court.

Presumably, These came into effect on 17.02.2007. After the establishment of the Tribunal in 1985, it received 13,350 pending cases. These are on transfer from the High Courts and subordinate Courts under section 29 of the Administrative Tribunal Act, 1985. Without a doubt, there were about 6,84,465 cases instituted in the Tribunal from its inception in 1985 to 31st March 2015. Out of those 6,45,772 cases have been progressively disposed of. The rate of disposal is 94.37%. Talk to the best lawyer in our law firm for legal services in CAT.

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The Administrative Tribunal differs from the ordinary courts with regard to its procedure and jurisdiction. Moreover, It exercises jurisdiction with the relationship to the service matters of the parties which come under the Act. Presently, It does not face any shackles of many of the technicalities which are in the ordinary Courts.

The simplicity of the legal procedures in the Act is easy from the fact that even an aggrieved employee of the government can appear in person before the Tribunal. You can file an Original Application by remitting Rs. 50/-, a nominal fee in the Tribunal by all means.

What happens If an applicant is unable to pay the prescribed fee on grounds of indigence? The tribunal can exempt the applicant fee, in such a way the rule is. Here the Tribunal must satisfy the inability of the applicant. Thus, the creation of the Tribunal has justification through the inexpensive and speedy disposal of pending cases. Notably, Senior Counsels in our Law firm are experts in solving legal issues pertaining to CAT.

How does the Central Administrative Tribunal Advocate work?

The Tribunal goes by the principles of natural justice in deciding cases. Moreover, it is not bound by the legal procedure as per the Civil Procedure Code. The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) is empowered to form its own rules of Practice and procedure.

The main motto is just to notify the assurance of smooth functioning of the tribunal Under these provisions of the Act, the Central Administrative Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, 1987 and Central Administrative Tribunal Rules of Practice, 1993. To know more about these just get legal help from our CAT lawyers.

Powers of the best Central Administrative Tribunal

The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has been granted the power by and large in such a way that it can exercise the same jurisdiction with the authority of contempt of itself as a High Court. As a result, This law is under Section 17 of the Administrative Tribunal Act, 1985.

Previously, one can file Special Leave Petition and challenge the decision of the tribunal before the Hon’ble Supreme Court. Yet, there is a small correction after the Supreme Court’s decision pertaining to L. Chandra Kumar’s case.

Now One can challenge the orders of CAT by filing a Writ Petition under Article 226/227 of the Constitution before the respective High Court. Next, That must be in those the territorial jurisdiction of the Bench of the Tribunal. You can get the help of our Central Administrative Tribunal advocates filing a Writ to Challenge the CAT orders.

Employees and staffs duties in the Central Administrative Tribunal

The Central Administrative Tribunal employees must uniquely discharge their duties under the Chairman’s general superintendence in the same fashion. In addition, The central government will specify the Salaries Allowances, and Conditions of Service of the officers and other employees of the Tribunal.

Furthermore, The Central Government notifies the Central Administrative Tribunal Staff (Condition of Service) Rules, 1985 in accordance with these provisions. For purpose of assisting the Tribunal in discharging its functions, there are 1303 posts classified into 36 categories. Call CAT attorneys in our Law firm for the best legal consultation for Central Administrative Tribunal issues.

Technology and facilities in Central Administrative Tribunal

The CAT is a dynamic government department with duties, increasing jurisdiction and heavy duties to perform. In the same way, There is the initiation of an ambitious Plan Scheme for modernization and computerization of its activities in the Central Administrative Tribunal. In any case, they provide Case Information systems, Video Conferencing, etc., through a new dynamic website.

With this intention on completion, This innovative project will facilitate the Advocates, litigants, legal researchers, and general public to access the tribunal orders and judgments. By the way, Besides efficient maintenance & management of records, One can get speedy disposal of cases on a real-time basis. No doubt, Advocate Saravvanan Law Associates is the best Law firm for speedy remedy at CAT.

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